I'm still learning....

after the rain comes beautiful mornings filled with promise

mid September is pretty neat to still wear flip flops

there is still time for a swim before the snow flies

that the local thrift store holds so many treasures
 like these linen napkins

and as if that wasn't enough...some nice person had dropped off a WHOLE BOX of
large fabric sample from France- that I bought for 5 bucks

 how nice it is that the flowers in my garden are still blooming

how pretty weeds can look with a little morning dew

the advantages of leaving holiday trees up all year
... don't have to put them up this season

how much I really love to sew- and that, " I can do this"

how much I missed Auggie being away at fall retreat for 2 days .... yes, it was only 2 days

and how happy I am when things turn out

 that I can bake delicious zucchini bread
(with a green vegetable the size of a baby python)

" I'm still learning "
Michelangelo, age 87
So how was your week?


  1. Oh those thrift store finds, just lovely.

    Wishing you the most wonderful weekend.

  2. Learning is something I think we continue to do everyday. The key is to recognize the lessons. Probably one of the things that I adore about you, is your ability to see the beauty in everyday and learn from them.
    Beautiful treasures!

  3. Camilla, what a beautiful post, words and photos that touched me.
    I love the linen napkins you found, what a special touch they will add to the table at meal time.
    I would love to learn to sew, my sewing machine still frightens me :)
    Enjoy that awesome looking bread, I think I am going to have to bake a loaf to enjoy here.

  4. It looks dreamy there. So many wonderful images in this post.

  5. ..I want to JUMP in that water.. Enjoy you Indian Summer! Oh, and awesome snag on the fabric ~ woohoo!

  6. oh my gosh, what a lovely way to end summer. and those napkins and pile of fabric -score!

  7. Så vackert alltihop! Älskar bilden på vattnet - det ser väldigt rent och fint ut. Vilken lycka att hitta så fina tyger på loppis. Min vecka var hektisk och höstig. :) Kram!

  8. Beautiful! Those napkins are delightful... a great find!

  9. how lucky to find the napkins and I love the action shot of your son! They grow so very fast. Love that you caught all of the goodness of September.


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