Warming hearts & hands

 Our mountains are covered
 there has been a lot of mitten knit'n around here
a gift
 A basic Norwegian pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman
 knit with double strands of yarn from
very soft and warm and easy to wash
  and now that the chill is on
 it's good to keep hands warm
yes, a Christmas gift for someone special
 Foghorns Montessori teacher
 ...Mrs. Angela
and hopefully it will warm her heart too


  1. Look at those mountains and snow!! Just beautiful. We are patiently waiting for snow, they tell us tomorrow we shall get a little bit. Little man is just a tad excited about the prospect :) Lovely mittens, I am sure the recipient will love them.

  2. I think Mrs Angela will be overjoyed with her gift, they are beautiful Camilla.
    I guess I don't need to tell you just how envious I am of your snow, I wish I was

  3. Beautiful mittens, wonderful nature - .

  4. lucky lucky Mrs Angela---they are beautiful! And that view!!! I'm smitten.

  5. she will love the gift, I know I would! Gorgeous yarn colors :)

  6. Beautiful mittens and beautiful scenery. If only there were some mountains and snow around where I live.

  7. Love them. So pretty. And jealous of the snow. We have gotten none so far this winter here.

  8. Oh what a beautiful landscape reflected on your photos!! Those mittens are gorgeous, they are a very pretty present, I am sure they will be loved.

    Lluisa xx

  9. What a gift to be cherished - she will love such a thoughtful and beautifully made gift. (Love your photos, too - jealous of the snow!)

  10. Wow, these mittens are adorable! And so are your mountains! We are waiting and hoping for the first snow...

  11. Beautiful mittens! And I'm loving the snow too, my daughter and I long for such snow every winter, sometimes our wishes come true!

  12. A few years ago, I bought the Elizabeth Zimmerman mitten book. You have inspired me to pull that book out again....maybe after Christmas. These are beautiful mittens.

  13. That first photo took my breath away. A usual occurrence when reading your blog. Lucky teacher she will LOVE those x

  14. Your fiber does wash like a dream...


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