...making memories

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred,
and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit,
become a child again at Christmas-time. 
Laura Ingalls Wilder
 With 10 F and wind-chill feels like -11 beautiful crisp Montana afternoon-
We hop in the car, bring the ax, saw and bungee cord.
 Christmas tree hunting
 Our "Christmas "spot
a quiet place tucked in the mountains surrounded by forest, each year usually the weekend after Thanks Giving to find a tree for Christmas.
Julian the oldest was the one who had the honors of cutting down the tree for years
...then as he grew older
 today they were both skiing on the mountain.
So Foghorn got the honors!
 We walked for a few miles in the back country to find our special tree... 
passed by cross country skiers and a hunter with a rifle over his back.
  Gabriel finally scoped out "the tree" and attacked with gusto and grace...well maybe more gusto
 Then off he hauled it- dad held the ax. Homeward bound.
 Sophia and friend found the Christmas tree for our café.
Making memories in the middle of no where
which is somewhere to us
 a place we come back too
time and time again.
Enjoyed by both hunter and gathers alike
 the stillness, the scenery
Tucked amongst the forest with snow softly falling.
What a blessing.
a Christmas tradition
Makes me feel like a kid again
making memories
...and now that we have snow
there will more memories to made
 Do you have any special memories or holiday traditions?


  1. Beautiful images. I think you live in the most beautiful spot Camilla. Looks like you got a great tree. Enjoy the skiing! xo

  2. I am sitting here so envious of all your beautiful snow, it's 74 degrees here which is wrong for December.
    We always cut a tree down from our land and then when the season is over we put the tree in the water for the fishes to use, something we have done for over twenty years.
    Super great photos Camilla.

  3. beautiful photos and post, so inspiring and kind of magic, thanks!


  4. I want to live where you live! Beautiful!

  5. This is so amazing, Camilla. I love your phrase "making memories in the middle of nowhere, which is somewhere to us". Yes, that is it. Enjoy it all! xoxo p.s. I adore your sons' names, really beautiful, old names.

  6. What beautiful memories, Camilla. When I was young we used to go cut down our own tree as well, and have no pictures. Seeing yours brings these beautiful and treasured memories back, thank you!

  7. What an amazingly beautiful environment to live in, the snow and the forest make these pictures very magical.

  8. how cool is it to pick and cut your own tree? lovely photos and what a fantastic tradition :)

  9. what a lovely tradition! making memories.....one of the most important parts of the holidays!

  10. "...which is somewhere to us"--love that, Camilla. We have a place in the Northwoods of Wisconsin that looks very much like your special spot, a place where we like to cross-country ski amidst the towering white pines...been skiing there since I was very, very young...going back absolutely makes me feel like a kid again. Wish I could find myself there right now. A beautiful photo essay. I love the smell of the tree in the house. xo

  11. Beautiful! Very "Little House on the Prairie"! Glad you are all recovered.

  12. Love that choose and chop your own tree! I love Christmas so much, its the rituals that make it so special I think :)


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