Snow flakes

Happiness is catching snow flakes with your tongue
Sally Brown
It snowed
Then it really snowed
Boys went skiing
Even miss Bella was covered.
 (Ignore the tumble weed in her tail- she doesn't even know it's there)
Fiona Bunny knee deep in snow eating away
My arena
Hey, where id you go????
More snow
Catching snowflakes with my tongue
Grab some wood to warm the house
I'll be enjoying the snowflakes from the inside



  1. Perhaps Bella needed to feel a little fancy. When our dogs get stickers on them from running through the woods, we call them forest jewels. :)

  2. Goodness, it all looks so beautiful. Send some of the fluffy white stuff our way, will you, pretty please.

  3. You have all that beautiful snow and here I wore flip flops to go Christmas shopping today. Sigh, I live in the wrong part of the country ;)

  4. It looks so beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful view.

  5. crazy beautiful.....my favorite way to enjoy the snow---inside in front of the fire with some knitting in my lap!!! enjoy!!!!!

  6. Beautiful photos, really nice place to live :)


  7. Beautiful snow! Enjoy!!!
    It will be snowing here next weekend ;)

  8. Oh I wish it would finally snow over here, I enjoy seeing these pictures so much!

  9. all we have had is rain rain rain. I'm so happy to visit you and share in your snow filled day! So very lucky!

  10. Look at all that SNOW!!! Beautiful photos, trees, horses, boys and that sweet little junco(?) - so beautiful all, Camilla. And your wood fire sounds completely heavenly too....xoxo

  11. I am wishing so very hard for some snow to come to Paris this year, we barely got any winter last year!

  12. Beautiful little Junco in the snowy trees, Camilla. I love how you captured those flakes on their twisting trip to the ground--absolutely wonderful. We have no snow & there is none in the extended forecast; 50'F by the weekend. Trying very hard to be appreciative of the, so far, mild winter...but the holidays require snow when you grow up in the Upper Midwest, right? ;) Thank you for sharing your glorious snow! xo

  13. I miss the snow! Thankfully I can count on your to provide it for me.
    Love seeing the Bella and Fiona sprinkled with it. :)

  14. your winter wonderland is so beautiful !!!

  15. I love snow so much! We are a long way off any flakes here so your photos gave me my snow fix for today


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