...the one that got away

There is a spot tucked under the mountain a stones throw away from where I live,
pastures with cows
 all one hears is the grass being chewed and an occasional "mooooo"
 I enjoying walking on the dirt roads and conversing with ladies.
Today I wasn't feeling all that inspired, actually kind of blah
 Knowing a breath of fresh air and getting out would do the trick.
Noticing all the barb wire fencing that keeps the cows in
and intruders out, I wondered
do they know that choice has been made for them?
This young gal caught my eye, her beautiful eyes and long eyelashes.
the tail with the little curl on the tip and soft deep brown winter coat growing in.
There is something so sweet and innocent about cows.
"She" was a little curious about me and my camera...shy and not really sure
she carefully inched her way towards where I was standing
Her sisters stood at a respectable distance
I wished her a good morning and "enjoy your breakfast"
She was looking past me on the other side of the road...and let out a loud Moooooo
 Startled, I turned around and realized there was cow on the other side of road...that's weird
No fence.
This curious little beauty had gotten out and was now free range.
 With determination she trotted along as if she knew where she was going.
Seemingly happy and fancy free off she went
My new friend put her head down and walked away with the herd.
 Was she sad?
 Did she miss the free ranger on the other side?
How did she feel?
 This pinched my heart a bit.
This little gal had the will and courage to go out and explore.
enjoy a little freedom.
(Fully knowing that I could do something here to intervene and locate the farmer)
... I walked away ...
 (I made that choice)
 Maybe this one felt a little uninspired too
in need of her own space, without fencing keeping her in.
Today was her day.
..she was the one that got away.
When I came home my mood had lifted.
I had just experienced two animals on 2 sides of the fence. 
One fancy free if only for a few hours
and one that stuck it out with her sisters
Choices are a privilege.
 and there is no other place I would have rather been today
...it was good choice.



  1. This is beautiful, simply beautiful. I love cows, I see the sweetness and innocence too.

    I hope the one that got away had the most wonderful time roaming free.

  2. Terrific combo of photos and words.

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
    I have learned that if you have animals eventually they always find a way to wander a bit. I spent a little time yesterday chasing chickens around fields before the hawks and owls could find them ;)

  4. Thank you for the beautiful words and amazing reminder of something so important in our lives.

  5. I'd say the one that got away had an adventure of a lifetime and the owner probably caught up with him/her. Loved the photos and the fog.

  6. Such a wonderful post, Camilla. Our neighbor's have a terrible fence, so many animals get both in (cattle) and out (their horses). The other day I awoke to a horse grazing in my front grassy hill. Then she proceeded to run around the house, take a meander into the alfalfa field (luckily she didn't linger & make herself sick on that feast) & then went back down the long driveway. My husband said she was back at her gate waiting when he drove by an hour later. Your words say so much here. xx

  7. Aw so lovely! My parents house where I grew up is next to a field of cows. They are so lovely. One time when cutting through the field on my way home from school they chased me down the hill. I think it was feeding time lol I've never ran so fast...


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