...bye for now

It is the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the frost,
the soul of the sunbeam. This crisp winter air is full of it.
~John Burroughs, "Winter Sunshine
The polar air has left and life is back to normal on the 48th parallel
Snow is expected over the next few days and we are all excited about the upcoming ski season.
 The girls are happy to have their "super hero capes" off
 and now their winter coats can grow in and warm them for the season

Craving citrus this time of year I always associate the winter with tangerines
 or "clementiner" as we call it in Norwegian
 As a kid growing up in Norway
the perfect lunch for skiing was clementiner and "kvikk lunch" (chocolate like kit Kat bar)
 They would be nice and cold in the back pack...
nothing more perfect than cold citrus and chocolate when skiing in the mountains
if you are Norwegian it's sort of like a staple
Winding lots of yarn- getting my "knit on"
 finding much joy in knitting baby clothes for little Lilliana 
 also Selbu votter for friends and family
The leaves have lost their color- but I find beauty in this too
Something really fun and unexpected
 I actually won something,
 not usually lucky like that
 A beautifully hand dyed skein from MJ yarns presented by Andi.
 I will be sure to  enjoy this Thank you again Andi!

...and lastly I will be away for a while
 having eye surgery this week and am exited to feel much better

( Mountain Girl yarns will be closed and reopen- once I get back into the swing of things)
Have a wonderful weekend
 love to all
peace out beansprout!


  1. Best wishes for your eye operation, take care and enjoy the skiing too. Much love from me! xx

  2. Camilla, I wish you a quick recovery from your eye surgery and look forward to your return. Congratulations on the yarn win, I know you'll make something beautiful. Take care.

  3. Hoping for a quick recovery! Yay for a yarn win!

  4. Best wishes for your surgery Camilla. I know there are many loving hands in your home that will make sure you are well taken care of while you recover. Take care. xo

  5. You are so cute! Good luck with your surgery! See you when you return! xo

  6. Gorgeous as always. Good luck with your surgery!

  7. Best wishes for a smooth and speedy recovery, Camilla. Your photos here today are so very lovely, but then, they always are :) Take care.

  8. I wish you good luck with the eye surgery and hope your recovery goes well! Dream of yarn and Iceland in the mean time! X

  9. Now I know where I get my chocolate cravings..It's hereditary!!! HA! Best to you with your eye surgery. Wishing you a speedy recovery! hugs..

  10. praying your eye surgery goes well, you will be missed my dear! how exciting you won something!!

  11. hoping for a very very quick recovery from your eye surgery! we'll miss you while you're gone....hopefully it won't be long!

  12. Sending quick healing thoughts your way, Camilla! XO

  13. I'm so jealous of your snow! I hope your eye surgery goes well and you recover quickly xxxxx

  14. Beautiful photos. Especially the last one!
    Here it will be freezing the next few days, but we don't expect snow.
    Good luck with your eye. xo

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Camilla. Hope your recovery is speedy. Gotta have good eyes for your beautiful photography and knitting.

  16. Best wishes with your eye surgery Camilla, and a speedy recovery! Hope you get back to your wonderful self soon! x

  17. Oh, Camilla, so sorry I haven't checked in here in over a week & missed your send-off! I hope the surgery went amazingly well & you are on the mend. You are just so cute, girlie. So cute. My eldest used to ride weekly at a nearby stable & I LOVED when the ponies grew their winter coats. Hope to see you back writing & taking those gorgeous photos soon, dear one. xx


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