mitt hus

Peace — that was the other name for home.
~Kathleen Norris

Mitt hus ~ My house

 mother nature truly has spoiled us
 our aspens have been glowing the maple trees on fire
with autumn color
beautiful mums spruce up the kitchen
 candles lit
 tea is on
 blankets a necessity

it's been peaceful it's been a beautiful October
Hopefully November will be one to remember too 
I have to laugh at this last image
so defines me
 a little bit of everything
garden hat
 cowboy hat
and slalom skis..heh.
So how is life in your neck of the woods?


  1. Your house looks like it's full of gorgeous areas.

  2. So peaceful - love your house and the light!

  3. my life is improving, I had a rough start last monday and each day I have a better day and that makes me joyful! Love the photos of your house and so tidy!!! makes me want to clean :)

  4. Camilla these photos convey such a deep sense of peace and luminosity, what a home you have made! Really, really beautiful. xo

  5. We had the wedding and while the weather was a little trouble in the end it all worked out.
    I love your photos Camilla and often think I wouldn't mind coming to hang out with you for awhile,
    I think we would have a grand time.
    Have the best week my friend.

  6. I love taking a peak in your home. Its just lovely x

  7. I totally noticed the bindings in that last photo & thought--she is a cool girl. Your home is just so lovely. Drinking it in with a second look through the photos...


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