Summer socks

 Summer " beach "knitting has always been a favorite of mine.
 Something easy to bring along to the waters edge.
 As well something fun to read.
  Reading  Bird Cloud by Annie Proulx and well into the 3d chapter
not so crazy about it.
Mostly about how her French Canadian father did everything he could to become more of a Yankee.
Endless details about her building an extravagant house in Wyoming
I am giving it a few more chapters before I throw in the towel.
Knitting with my own hand dyed yarn a simple sock
oh, let me also say one more thing...
 Next week there will be some news on
Mountain Girl Yarns
 and a give away
 stay tuned


  1. I say throw in the towel, there are too many good books out there to keep hoping this one will get better.

    I love your socks and the yarn. Now you have my interest about next week, can't wait.

  2. I'm with Tracey....BUT...I'm glad you commented on it, because this is one author I've read in the past and sometimes like. (but this book doesn't sound like one I'm going to mess with!)
    beautiful yarn---great socks!!! yes, sock....(sigh) great summer knitting!

  3. Oh I do hope you will be dyeing again. I love your colours. Lovely sock kjitting.

  4. I am sure you know this but...

    Ive. Been. Waiting. Mountain Girl.


  5. The yarn is great and I especially loved the color. I have never read the book, but I have been to Wyoming. :)

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous yarn. I love the colors--what beautiful socks. You do great work! I hate to waste my time on a disappointing book, but some books take time to get into. Looking forward to your news!

  7. Those are great summer socks. I hope the book gets better for you...

  8. Oh my, I love those socks, and the yarn! Forget the book, start a new one :)

  9. Your yarn is so pretty and simple socks are perfect summer knitting.

  10. A great pair of socks. I too sometimes throw in the towel when I am reading a book that isn't doing anything for me.

  11. The yarn and those socks are killing me. They are fantastic!


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