Mountain Girl Yarns Give Away!

Hello dear friends

Today I am offering
a give away
A skein of Mountain Girl Yarn from my new hand dyed yarn collection

this glorious skein

" Provence"
 soft and yummy

 100%   Super Wash Ultra Merino
 3 ply
 3.5 oz
490 yds

" Provence"
hand dyed in
 tones of lavender, saffron, periwinkle, sky blue and purple.

and also a little peak
 of what soon is to come

There will be a wide variety of fibers

Merino- what's not to love?
 BFL it dyes so nicely and knits up beautifully
Silk- for the smoothness and sheen
Cashmere- buttery goodness
SW Merino - for easy care
 Nylon- for strength

2 & 4 ply
I am also dying up some single twists
pretty excited about that

...and colors galore!

Mountain Girl Yarn will be available late summer /fall 2014
new yarns & fresh colorscapes
 ...anything but ordinary 

If you would like to win "Provence"
please answer the 4 following questions
leave your name - blog in the comments so I can get a hold of you if your the winner

 it's that simple!

 1. Does it matter where yarn is offered
ETSY, Big Cartel or Shopify?

2. What makes you buy yarn online
Fiber content (luxe or simple)
Ease of purchase

3. Favorite yarn weight that you "mostly" knit with

4. What inspires your purchase

I need to find a home for my shop and am unsure if I should use ETSY or Big Cartel
 so a little feedback from you would be awesome
Please feel free to participate!
I appreciate your comments
 open for entries 7/21- 7/27
The "Gabernator" pick a random number
 and I will announce the winner
 Monday 28th July

Good Luck

My the "fiber"force be with you.


  1. OMG! I'm so excited that you are dying yarn again! Gorgeous colorscapes!! Your colors were always wonderful and original...there has been such a void in my stash enhancement with your absence. Yay and congrats!!!

    Here're my answers:
    1. Etsy
    2. All are important, but colorscape and fiber content can override cost, but if purchasing is difficult that is a deal breaker for me.
    3. Fingering
    4. These days, I have my favorite dyers and just go directly to them. Blogs and Ravelry over Pinterest in general.

  2. Camilla, I am so happy you are creating beautiful yarns again and beautiful they are, oh my.
    Okay, to answer your questions...
    1. Etsy because I've never heard of the others.
    2. Color and price
    3. fingering
    4. Pinterest, then Ravelry

  3. I originally started following you because of your yarns so I'm really excited that you are getting back into it. The sneak peeks all look awesome!

    1. Etsy
    2. Colorscape, Price
    3. DK
    4. Blogs

  4. 1. Does it matter where yarn is offered no I know Etsy best though
    2. What makes you buy yarn online--
    Fiber content (luxe or simple)
    3. Favorite yarn weight that you "mostly" knit with
    4. What inspires your purchase
    Ravelry and blogs

    I love your work Camilla :)

  5. Hey thanks girls, for your nice compliments :)

  6. Do you hear me here out in the garage whooping it up as I sit next to a simmering pot of yarn dying in Queen Anne's Lace ?!?!?



    1. Etsy..Its easy to use and people are familiar with it. Next choice would be BigCartel. I don't think people know about BigCartel as much. If you have a big following without Etsy, BigCartel may save you some fees.
    2. Color, fiber, and price
    3. Believe it or not..fingering.
    4. Pinterest..if my Yarnspiration board could talk..

    Go Camilla! So excited for you...

  7. 1. Etsy is easy to use and honestly is the only one of those three I am familiar with.

    2. I tend to buy yarn online when I am looking for a specific color combo/fiber content. Price is sometimes a factor but not always.

    3. I knit mostly with something between fingering and DK

    4. I tend to find out about new yarns and creative uses for ones I know about through blogs. Sometimes ravelry is useful for that as well. Especially when I see a sample someone else knit using a particular yarn.

    Sounds like an exciting adventure! Can't wait to see your offerings.

    Adri Bagnall
    rav: knockonwool
    blog: knockonwool.wordpress.com

  8. Oh my goodness, such gorgeous yarns. So very exciting to see you back at it.

    1) doesn't matter at all to me, if I like it, I will buy it wherever it is offered

    2) colour and price

    3) fingering or DK

    4) all three do, but I would have to say blogs the most, unless I am searching ravelry for something in particular, then inspiration might come from there

    Can't wait to see all the offerings, and yes, anything but ordinary.

  9. 1. Etsy for me, easy to use.

    2. Quality and colours.

    3. dk

    4. blogs and ravelry

  10. Oh my your yarn is gorgeous!
    1. Does it matter where yarn is offered? I like etsy but any way to shop is ok with me

    2. What makes you buy yarn online? Variety, quality, price

    3. Favorite yarn weight that you "mostly" knit with? Fingering or DK

    4. What inspires your purchase? Definitely Ravelry but also blogs and instagram

  11. Clicked over from Sweet Potato Claire's blog swap post and am excited about your lovely yarns!

    1. Etsy is my go-to for on-line shopping.
    2. As much as I enjoy perusing/supporting LYSs, I enjoy discovering & supporting online yarn-crafters, too. I really like finding new yarns!
    3. Lately I've been knitting with dk a lot; but lace weight and fingering are coming in a close second...
    4. I typically buy yarn without a pattern/project in mind. Inspiration comes from colors and textures and the people I like to knit for. :)

    Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  12. I love the colors and your the mountain-girl-Yarn-logo!
    1. I never buy online.
    I once tried to buy online,
    but I couldn't because I didn't know how to pay.
    2. I wanted to buy it, because it was made ​​by hand by you.
    I loved the colors and the story behind it.
    3. I do not work much, but I can knit a beautiful scarf.
    4. I am inspired by Pinterest and blogs.


  13. I love Etsy unless you fo a web site of your own,. I buy online yarns for the fiber content and colors and cause we have very little choices of fine yarn in Little Rock. I like fingering and sport the best and get inspiration from books and blogs

  14. Lovely yarns! Such colors...oh my!

    1. I usually buy from Etsy.
    2. I buy online because I love finding new yarns, love the vibrant colors and the ease.
    3. I find that I am using more fingering or dk yarns lately.
    4. I find my inspiration from Ravelry and blogs.

    Thanks so much for the chance! :)

  15. 1. I am most familiar with Etsy so I have to say that.
    2. I buy yarn online to support small farms and Indie dyers that I wouldn't otherwise be able to support locally.
    3. Fingering is my favorite.
    4. What inspires your purchase
    All the above!

    Your yarn is beautiful!!! So exciting!

  16. 1. Etsy- I don't know the others you mentions.
    2. I actually have a hard time buying yarn online. I like to feel it before I buy it. I've actually only purchased yarn on line a couple of times.
    3. I typically knit with worsted weight yarn, but will knit with sport/DK or thicker.
    4. I find inspiration in Ravelry, Pintrest and reading the yarn along blog.

    Your yarns are gorgeous. My 3 year old loves the pink yarn and wants a pink sweater! Can't wait to see your shop when it opens! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  17. 1. Etsy
    2. Price
    3. DK
    4. Blogs

    I would love to win! Thanks for giving me the chance! :))

  18. oh, Camilla.....these colors!!!! (swoon!) I love every single one of them!
    I'm afraid the only choice of #1 that i'm even familiar with is etsy....
    #2...convenience of ordering online (I often find myself ordering yarn on a sleepless night at 3 am!!!)
    #3....fingering or lace
    #4...blogs primarily!!!!!
    thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Wow... those colors, your pictures, so lovely!!! Really really beautiful.

    1) Etsy, I'm not even familiar with the other options!
    2) Ease of purchase, we live where there aren't many options for yarn
    3) Fingering or DK
    4) Blogs mostly, occasionally Ravelry (usually in conjunction with blogs, though!)

  20. Your yarn is beautiful!! I could use some warm woolly yarn here in wintery Tasmania :)

    1. Etsy
    2. Ease of purchase
    3. DK
    4. Blogs

  21. I am so excited to see you dying again. I am in love!

    2. Quality
    2. Fingering Weight
    4. Blogs

  22. 1. Etsy. Because local, independent and hand made is important to me. (I sell on Etsy too)
    2. Quality. Because the people I knit for are important to me (including myself!) and I want their hand knit items to LAST.
    3. Fingering. Because socks rock on cold MN nights.
    4. Blogs. Because I like to know who I'm buying from, and I love to learn from other, more creative, souls!


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