Some good things are for free

A trip to the library and summer reading is in full swing for me
 these are on my night stand.

I also picked this dvd up at the library- it looks interesting?

My 2 favorite catalogs came in the mail today
 What's not love?

this might be on my horizon
 I am obsessed with silver smithing

More socks
 when I knit a lot it is usually because I am stressed
 I would be lying if I said summer time is relaxing around here....
but you do what you do
 keep calm and knit on
and enjoy that
 some good things are for free.


  1. I love Michael Perry books. He's a local and I never pass up a chance to hear him read. He also sings - kind of like Johnny Cash, in fact. Which is surprising because he's small in stature.

  2. What a lovely stack of books you have there Camilla and the magazines, I've never heard of them so will have to see if I can find a them here.
    I'm sorry to hear that stress is spending time in your days and hope the sock knitting is helping. Keep calm and knit on? Love it!

  3. Enjoy those books. The DVD looks interesting, right up my alley :)

  4. I enjoyed Coop too..! So I was thinking about you today .. How much I love that you dive into things and wrap yourself in them. Can't wait to see some jewelry Mountain Girl! It's gonna be fab for sure! Lurve the socks. Your yarn, no? Thinking of you~ xo

  5. 'some good things are for free' Amen to that! x

  6. I hope you are not too stressed. Lovely socks and my oh my you have the piles for summer reading days!! Love libraries.


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