The little things

This week has been filled with little things...

Finding fallen birds nests
Heart rocks stashed and found in a plant Fog horn had dug down in the dirt.

Finally learning to set the right white balance in my camera-
wondering why I haven't done it before- so easy!!!
Feeling spring
 new thoughts and inspiration
 swirl in my head
 Coffee at Starbucks and devouring that delish lemon cake that I obsess about.
Hubby bringing me sunflowers - knowing that I needed a little sunshine in my life.
and being awesome dad to Foghorn watching " Frozen"
 ...even if they sing a lot in the movie....
 yes indeed, these are little things
  sometimes that is all I need to feel happy and fulfilled



  1. It's the little things that make a big life Camilla and I'm glad you're living yours!

  2. I agree, the little things go a long way :) Beautiful photos!

  3. beautiful photos! did you get a lensbaby? and frozen, i'm not a fan (because of all the singing) but it's the least obnoxious disney princess movie yet ;-)

    1. yep, lens baby- had it for a while...fun to take it for a walk :)

  4. Beauty shared is not a little thing. You eyes are my eyes of your world. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Such beautiful pictures. I always shoot in RAW and do my white balance in the computer I'm lazy :) I love the heart rocks!

  6. You know I love the little things! Such beautiful shots. I wish I could have a coffee with you in starbucks, eating lemon cake and taking about the little things ;)

  7. Such a happy post-the flowers are lovely and full of spring's promises!!

  8. I use the white-balance in my camera a lot!
    Little things makes me happy too!
    Summerflowers in your house?! I see a big Sunshine :)


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