Good - ness


I wrote  a post about Pissed off Pies recently
how baking has a way of mending the day
 apparently I am not the only one that works thru life ups and downs thru baking.

 This most awesome book is about a friendship mended
 in round about way thru baking.
 Need less to say
good - ness

Another well written and lovely book 
about a British Veterinarian and his love for animals.   
Foghorn and I are enjoying this one immensely.

 more good - ness


 My trainer is expecting a girl in June
I am enjoying knitting the wee one a little cardi
 from hand dyed yarn from my own stash.

 Little babies and knitting..
 always good- ness.

Riding with Fog horn
 super good- ness!

..off I go

and this.
 Starbucks lemon pound cake

 This darn cake has become an obsession 
 I dream about it

 I have finally found the recipe that comes as close to the real thing.

 Moist, lemony deliciousness.
 It takes 4 lemons.
 My secret... I use butter milk instead of whip cream

 and yes, even more good- ness!



  1. Enemy Pie is a book I must find for my daughter [she is a Culinary Arts Instructor], I think she would love it.
    I have never eaten Starbucks lemon cake, but I do love lemons so it sounds really good.

    PS- thank you for the sweet comment this morning, you made me smile!

  2. We've been watching all creatures great and small on netflix, a fantastic show and I can knit thru most scenes since it's talky. Loved the photos and the book looks super cute!!

  3. aw you guys on those horse such good shots!

    My brother grew up on James Herriot, loved his books :)

    PS you've made me dream of that lemon pound cake and i'm not allowed fat at the moment lol

  4. great photos of you both riding Camilla!! I get to see what you are talking about :) and your lemon cake is THE BEST EVER. I am wishing I had a piece right now... hungry before dinner :))
    Your handmade goods are such a treasure. I have each and everything ( and now 2 more to add ) that you have given us.. they are some of my most special things.. true treasures.

  5. oh so lovely camilla, love all your goodness. i have that pattern (book) , what a sweet sweater it will be. how exciting your horse riding photos are. and LOVE lemon pie. i will have to check starbuck for it, yes indeed ;)

  6. how can your photos be so beautiful.....sigh.

  7. Sounds like a great book! Love the photos of you and Fog horn on the horses :)


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