Slow days

These are the days when summer has made its exit and fall enters
a slower pace
Fewer outdoor projects and plans are in a rush to be done
Removing window screen, washing windows
 fall curtains ironed ready to be hung insulating against the Montana cold.
Canadian geese overhead
Starlit mornings
Breakfast by candle light 
A dusting of snow on the mountain
 colder days are ahead
 we are all waiting
 flowers in the garden lean towards the sunlight
holding on to the smattering of warm days left
But for now we enjoy slow days sitting by the fire with hot tea reading
 the routine of it all sets in
time to relax into it and enjoy slower days


  1. Beautifully put. I remember those days so well from when I lived in the north but since moving south the warmth of summer days lingers well into December and some flowers bloom through out the winter here. It's a welcome relief for this old gal!

  2. Forgot to say that I like your new blog layout.


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