Till next year

Embracing the color nature provides before the snow flies.
These pictures were taken early September
picking (mostly eating) huckleberries amongst the pearly everlasting, fire weed and aster.
 Its been one heck of a gorgeous summer- free from the wild fires that raged our forests last year
can't complain
Oh summer- my favorite time of year
you will be missed
Till next year.


  1. I am so glad we are on the edges of fall. I'm not a fan of summer and patiently wait for fall to arrive. Even though it's in the 80's outside, I'm checking the world for signs of fall, acorns, falling leaves...

  2. Autumn is my season - enjoy your last days of warm!

  3. It's so beautiful where you live, I'm glad you had a great summer after the scare from your horse.

    The lens I use for birding is a Sigma 150-500. That particular photo you commented on is very grainy as the ISO is 6400 but it's pretty dark in my yard. What I want is the Nikon 200-500mm which I think would focus quicker and sharper. I like the Sigma but when it's dark like that, it focuses slowly. So, one of these days, I'm going to try to trade a few unused lenses toward the cost of the Nikon lens but it's not an emergency :)

    So glad you're back.


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