Of the north

Living in the north is a blessing
 mountains surrounding in every direction
 there is comfort in seeing the tips touching the sky
sometimes sheltered from the storms that roll in
 and from the world, mostly.
Montana can be a very lonely place, quiet if you let it
a place of solitude

 Of the north I grew up in the mountains and by the sea
 here I am fortunate to live in the mountains once again and the ocean is replaced now by lakes.

It still feels raw and untouched in some places

I climb the mountain.
These peaks offer fresh perspective and champagne air.
Removed from the sea of noise that people make,
 breathing deeply, listening to the wind whispering softly
as it caresses my cold face
In the midst of pines, moss and grass
it all grounds me and I feel part of the earth 
Surrounded by these huge mothers of mountains gazing down into the valley,
 in the distance I see the one we live under - how small I feel.
 a squall passes through in the west
 I have learned the art of storm bending in Big Sky
storms clear the mind
 and clears the slate
my compass led me to the north again
on this mountain I think I can see all the way to the Pacific if I stand on my tip toes
but I don't
   the wild of the ocean
  I miss
tucked far away in these blue mountains with the heavy skies above
a place I have grown to love with all my heart

Of the north
I stand tall today
grateful to be here


  1. Welcome back! Haven't heard from you in a while. Beautiful photos! I share your love for the mountains. I live near the Appalachians and I find them to be absolutely mystical.

  2. Really beautiful.. Your words. The colors. xx

  3. Nice pictures. You are lucky to live in a great area and I love that you appreciate the natural beauty.

  4. That's beautifully written. How I miss the mountains. When I was younger I never thought that I would miss the mountains that much. The green forests, the snow, the water... you live in a beautiful place!

  5. We just drove through mountains on Saturday morning and I felt refreshed! It was beautiful and quiet and lovely :) Your photos are gorgeous!!


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