Spring Days

Springtime is the land awakening.
The March winds are the morning yawn.
~Lewis Grizzard

Spring is in the air
 This is one of my favorite seasons ...
More light is pouring in from morning to evening
Grass starts to spout a little all to be dumped on again by snowfall until June here on the 48 parallel
 little buds on the aspen and the pussy willow with their little fuzzies..it's all so beautiful.

 I think this might be why I chose lavender and yellow the colors of crocus I see around here. I bought yarn online for the first time in many years and was SO pleased with the quality and service. This yarn is not only yummy but it's squishy, soft and yummy.
 Craftsy.com has a really good selection
especially if you're on a budget
The lavender yarn is being knitted in the White Pine pattern

Found an old favorite my Green Mountain Spinnery knitting book from my book shelf 
 lovely pictures, patterns and they offer exquisite yarn
this time around I will use the yellow yarn and knit
"Moriah's wild flower cardigan"

 Heading out to Sherbrook Quebec to visit chefs family this spring break
  we are spending 2 days as per my request in Vermont.
Burlington and Stowe is on the itinerary.
The kids want to visit Ben and Jerry's...who doesn't?
 As I was looking through my book I noticed that Green Mountain Spinnery is located in Putney- unfortunately is just to far for this visit but I did see that Burlington is loaded with neat fiber shops this one in particular is on my list

I can't wait to explore and travel it's been a year since we were in Taos and Santa Fe

Any plans for spring break friends?


  1. I do like that yarn and sweater pattern; looking forward to seeing it! Have fun on your travels - very jealous of the yarn stores along the way! x

  2. Love the yarns, just beautiful. I am swooning over the colours. Have fun on your travels, sounds like you have some great plans. Enjoy, and travel safe. xo

  3. Oh, wow, love the purple yarn and I have been admiring that pattern you are knitting for a while now too - I might just have to splurge on that pattern as well. We're waiting for the pussy willows to puff out here as well. I'm going back to work spring break week - my 4 month maternity leave is coming to an end. I'm excited though, I hope everything goes well. Have a nice trip and safe travels!

  4. Gathering pussy willows in spring is one of my favorite things to do!! I just took a peek at the white pine pattern and I really like it. Very pretty color you've chosen for it too. Reminds me of lilacs.....another favorite spring thing. Happy travels!

  5. Your plans and projects sound wonderful. A great way to bring spring in. I don't have any plans as yet other than more of the same.

  6. i love those colours!!! Have fun on your holidays...take lots of pictures.

  7. Vermont is one of my favorite states!!! B & J is a MUST!!! Do take the tour. I always love your projects...these are wonderful, as always. Happy knitting!!!

  8. It is very spring like down here, in fact we will see temperatures in the low 80's by the end of the week. Me? I would rather have snow.
    I find myself drawn to lavender lately too. I just finished a cowl in the yarn Evie as a gift for my mom.
    Enjoy your holiday, Vermont is on my one day list.

  9. I always love your still lifes. Have a great break!

  10. pretty pretty, love your yarns and yes spring is in the air here as well. I have a window! opened as I type this :)


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