Look down

As a kid I was always told to look up
 watch your step
 don't look down or you'll trip and fall

grownups say the stupidest things

 often what was on the ground was more interesting than then the surroundings!

forever an expert at avoiding the cracks in the pavement
skipping or jumping over them
There are all kinds of cool stuff on the ground
bugs, bottle caps, rocks, feathers 
 not to mention money
money to buy a piece of candy at the kiosk

 these days I find dimes on the ground
aware that dad drops a few from heaven 
so that I know he's watching me

Reading Pippi Longstockings as a child and to my kids
a particular chapter I loved- when Pippi taught Annika and Tommy to become a "thing finders"
when out with my kids and the distance became to long for their short little legs
I challenged them to become "thing finders"
which turned the whole walk into something fun
scouring for treasures

These days I do it for myself especially when my camera takes me for a walk
 Montana is still really grey makes the surroundings rather bland
so I look I down.

On my walk I found rocks displayed into interesting designs
compliments of mother nature

Lichen, delicate yet rugged
the perfect balance
the lime blends so beautiful with the greens and teal-
I get inspired to knit a sweater when I see the colors and texture it offers
contrasting with pretty whites and pinks of the birch tree

Lilly’s soft cream colored tail against the brown pebbles and the debris

The pitter patter of rain drops on the asphalt – also a secret favorite smell of mine
wet asphalt
I found a spot where fairies live in the “Moss Woods"
snuck up on one or two as they were gathering some fire wood

my last shot do you see what happened?
A Viking split a stone in two while in  fierce battle
..it's all true.

look down you might see some magic too


  1. I love the patterns that moss and lichen make on tree trunks. One of my favorite places to visit here in Minnesota is the North Shore of Lake Superior. There are so many beautiful rocks and "things" up there. (Love Pippi Longstocking!)

  2. how poetically lyrical! i, too, am a nature treasure 'finder'....the best gifts are free!

  3. Lovely post :). It bought a smile to my face at the end of a long day, thank you.

  4. Beautiful Camilla, just beautiful. These days I find myself looking up, searching for beauty in my world especially as I struggle with the passing of my MIL. Sigh, thank goodness spring has arrived here and I have sun, I don't think I could handle grey right now.
    Much love.

  5. I use to avoid pavement cracks as a child also. Word was that if you step on a crack you'll break your grandmas back.LOL! Rain drops in puddles are a favorite of mine. Love how they make ripples. Everything's blooming here so there is magic all around. Spring has sprung!!

  6. It's all there if we just keep our eyes open, isn't it?

  7. Love the everyday beauty; your photos are lovely. Just thinking about Pippi Longstocking; I loved Astrid Lindgren's books when I was a kid, especially Marje, & Pippi of course. Great memories x

  8. Stunning shots as always. They make me feel peaceful
    Sian x


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