Red and Pink don't go together

Red and Pink don’t go together.

 That’s what I have been told since I could dress myself.
No matter what crazy outfit I put together, mainly to delight other folks with my fashion sense and style.
My mamma always told me in Swedish “Red and pink don’t go together
Who made these rules?

 They happen to be my favorite colors why not put them together and get a double color blast?
Why couldn’t she see how beautifully red and pink paired together?

Have you ever noticed how lovely parrot tulips are, if you are unfamiliar with them, these are the larger of the tulips that have the delicate frilly petal edges…very parrot-esque, my favorite, the red and pink ones…that is, the combination of the hot red and the soft pink …swoon.

My husband kindly gifts me these lovelies each time they are in season.

Valentines day happens to be one of my favorite holidays- mainly because we have an opportunity to celebrate love.

 …and its colorful people!

That’s’ right, red and pink together in hearts, flowers and beautiful color wrapped chocolate.  Strolling thru a Hallmark store and seeing all the pretty displays of red and pink heart décor and the brightly colored cards, especially in the dark of winter Montana, uplifting.

Makes me feel like a kid again, remember those cute little homemade cards and the themed little cards that you would attach a little sweet and give your little friends in school? I loved that.

Why is it ok for a card to be red and pink?

 As a grown up my two favorite cord jeans are actually a pair of red and a pink pair - usually worn with a long sleeved t-shirt in opposing color-(channeling my 11-year-old)

 I know…I’m quite the rebel, sorry mamma.
Even my kids give me grief. Really mom?
I have even pushed it so far that I actually dyed these beautiful skeins from a local sheep farmer in the NW red and pink. Knitting a simple straight forward sweater intended for Valentines but didn’t make it quite in time, the color combination sure makes me happy.

Maybe with all this “wrongness” one can piece out one’s own personality and uniqueness, that following tradition and rules don’t always work…maybe seeing things from a different view or perspective pushes us to open our heart a little more? Being creative and not like sheep in a flock accepting that there is beauty in everything especially in individuality.

It’s all how we see things.

I heard that red and pink don’t go together.

But see…. everyone got me all wrong- all the time it was 
pink and red!


  1. Phooey - I say pink and red look marvelous together!

  2. Of course they go together. I love parrot tulips. Many years ago I had a cat who nibbled off all the heads of a parrot tulip bouquet I had on the table. Pretty soon I had a bouquet of stocks and bowl of tulip heads.

  3. Oh, I love red + pink together! Let's start a revolution!

  4. Well....I think they totally go together :)

  5. I absolutely love red and pink together! And if you throw some orange there even better!

  6. I love red and pink together too. My daughter wears those two colours together all the time. I love that yarn.

    I am in on a revolution.......

  7. Happy red+pink !!! Can't wait to see what you are painting..!! xx

  8. red and pink so so so go together. I remember believing pink and brown do not go together and now I see it everywhere! your yarn is gorgeous!!!!

  9. I agree with you, red and pink looks brilliant together. Although I do think they have to be the "right" shades so the zing together. Love your yarn, so vibrant

  10. I really like red and pink together. Also people say "red and green should never be seen" - I disagree :)

  11. I love red and pink together and your sweater just proves that!

  12. I think any colour you find in the garden goes with any other colour you find in the garden.....and red and pink definitely quality as 'going' together. Love the combo!!! (and that yarn you dyed is 'dreamy'!!! Go for it!

  13. what a great post...I've been a rule breaker all my life and proud to say i've busted the red and pink one a while ago (when i fell in love with all things from India). Your yarn is to die for!!! and your valentine sweater is sweeeeeet.

  14. I love those two colours together and I love breaking the rules too. It's always good to go with gut instinct and it certainly works with pink and red. It's like the old adage 'blue and green should never be seen' . How can that be when they are the colours of nature all around us. They were definitely a bit daft in days gone by! Barbara

  15. I'm sure I go back much farther than you do, but that was a childhood lesson I learned well-- red and pink do not go together. They "clash." As I was growing up I reasoned to myself that pink is just light red. Why does it have to have a name of its own? You have blue and light blue. They go together and nobody complains. Why not red and light red?
    Your lovely yarn demonstrates that they do go together and very well.
    As for myself, I've been trying to rid myself of the other sternly taught rule: black and brown do not go together.

  16. It does fit nicely- especially in your yarn! I also learned these "lessens" about colours. Our art teacher always told us that yellow and purple do not fit and one of my classmates always made very nice paintings using exactly these colours. Let's just decide for ourselves :-)

  17. Oh, I love this post, camilla, your unique personality shines through and through! I was always told blue and green should only be seen in the washing machine (can you guess what colours I'm wearing now?). So happy to have you back me up ; ) (And gosh! that yarn is pretty!) xo


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