In Montana there are many things to explore, some are seasonal because of weather conditions-  quick example is "Going to the sun road" in Glacier it closes during winter at Avalanche- if you want to got to the top - you're hiking it or skiing most likely because the snow pack is unreal. Hence the summer months are a better time to explore.
This beach is very special to us because is open seasonally as it becomes protective bird sanctuary, when the weather is at it's best, open only till March for the public- this, the north end of Flathead lake. For someone that grew up near the ocean, Oslo and then Coronado I miss the ocean and the salty air. Jumping in the ocean waves, watching sandpipers skittering about the shore, hot sunshine on my shoulders, sea shell picker upper, sand castle builder... my middle name, mermaid.
~I love the beach.

My father an avid sailor would "coerce" me to crew on his sailboat during the weekends...as a teen I hated it. Dad loved it- he felt as if he was flying, for me it was hard work and exhausting.
" Saga" his 52 ft Swan sailboat, was one that took us on many adventures from San Francisco to Coronado, sailing around the Coronado islands outside Mexico with flyfish flying over the bow, deep dark blue waters, seals sunning on the buoys. Vacations were spent sailing in British and U.S Virgin Islands. I felt my first baby's "kick" sailing in the San Juan islands on the coast of Washington.
I miss my dad, and I miss sailing with him.

Though Flathead lake ends and begins unlike any ocean, the water reminds me of him.
No salty air but sand, non the less- as the surrounding lakes have beautiful rocks, here there is sand, add a beautiful blue bird day and sun warming high in the sky, you just can't beat that... Montucky in winter.
 We brought Lily and her Christmas present -Wolfie. Off leash- they went from zero to 100 mph with miles of beach to run, explore and skid on ice. In the morning the little frozen puddles in the sand are fun to slide across- melt into clear puddles in late afternoon. A little girl ice skating on the beach on a frozen puddle, unusual... yet clever, her dad watching, sitting on a log with their little dog dancing all around.
This beach is a perennial favorite of ours- a true feeling of Big Sky country with the blue skies, Swan mountains white capped and rugged backdrop, the calm lake that stretches forever into the distance. A remedy for anything that ails you- this beach on the right day will rejuvenate you and lift your spirits.
Returning home I looked at my husband and said; you know for the first time, in a long time, I'm really happy. My soul feels deeply happy.

It's been 2 years since dad died it's been hard to come to peace with it all.
He was like the ocean to me- never ending.
Though I have let go, tears have become smiles as he comes to mind. As I walk on the beach and I find him- in my thoughts...somewhere out there he must be sailing amongst the stars.

Dad has the sea- I have my mountains, we meet in the middle somewhere on the beach.


  1. "tears have become smiles" It is so good when that happens. Thinking of you my friend. Love that last line, beautiful.

    And as always, stunning photos.


  2. What a beautiful story with beautiful pictures to accompany it. I also grew up sailing, mainly the Zeeeland waters in The Netherlands and also across the channel to Great Britain. It is a three hour drive to the ocean from here, (Seattle) but at least there is still the Puget Sound to get that salt water feeling...

  3. Beautifully written. I wish you many happy memories of your father popping up here and there and make you smile.

  4. What a beautiful place to hold strong happy memories. We do have to let go even when that is incredibly hard, I am glad to hear that you tears have become smiles.

  5. what a beautiful spot Camilla...such a gorgeous place to remember your dad !!!xoxo

  6. oh, Camilla---what a lovely tribute to your Dad and his memory. Wishing you many many more such happy, peace-filled days.

  7. Thanks for sharing your story. So loved hearing about your past and the special times with your dad. Sending you love and peace... Your dad will be with you, close in your heart because of your memories. That special father / daughter / only child bond is one I understand and it brings a tear to my eye. Hugs dearest..

  8. I am happy your soul is happy Camilla. My lost my Dad 18 years ago and still miss him.
    You have such a wonderful place to go and honor your Dad, thank you for sharing with us too.

  9. Happiness is so valuable and so is contentment. My mom has been gone since 1998 (I'm math lazy...) I miss her still. I love the photo of your dogs playing, such sheer joy!

  10. To me Camilla you will always be a poet before you are a painter x

  11. Have just found your blog. So pleased I have! Such beautiful pictures and words. I will revisit. Barbara

  12. Nature has medicinal qualities that one can only understand when they truly look and take it in. Your beach is beautiful and I am glad that it brought you happy memories of your Father. XO!

  13. what a moving post, Camilla (as I reach for the tissue box!) - you truly have a gift with words to express all that lies beneath the surface of our days. XO


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