Seasonal victories

Spinning on the porch when the weather permits. I have been spinning up a storm I now have five skeins for my sweater I think I will need six, a victory of sorts for me- since I am finally spinning again.

The days are growing shorter less day light to enjoy here on the 48th parallel but with the aspen leaves ablaze it gives such a beautiful golden light even to a grey day in the valley. No victory here- just had to throw in a beautiful fall pictures.

I attended a really special event Rocky Mountain Frisian Horse chapter and FHANA hosted the 2015 Keurig of Frisians in the North West, we are a small group that are lucky enough to own a Frisian Horse(s)  approx 80 in Montana. 3 judges from Netherlands flew in for the event very exciting and educational to see how and what they look for in a Frisian they judge them as jewelers would do with Diamonds. Victory- so glad that Kalispell host such international events!

Lazy weekend afternoons by the river soaking up that Indian Summer sun and the lovely turning of the leaves, victory that I can get my youngest with us exploring the riverside and floating drift wood boats down the river.

The last of my flower garden-  my fall harvest brightens the kitchen- victory I can grow flowers!
Baking up a storm- it's that season...adding more recipes to my baking repertoire- victory.

My beloved Auggie doing so well with his team- finding that life isn't just victories, but when they happen oh, does it feel good. He's played so hard this season sometimes 3 games a week Coach has them icing in the Middle Fork river these late fall afternoons- they have to sit in the icy river for 20 min- in their shorts, some wearing their thick jackets and hats. Love that - mother nature healing their sore legs- that's Montana for you. 

...and Lilly are own skunk patrol pooch, only been sprayed in the face once this year... I guess you could call that a victory for her too.

Any little or big victories in your life lately?


  1. Love your victories, the yarn [which you know], the flowers, horses, team wins, all so good.
    Today my victory is my home, cleaned from top to bottom, all the laundry done and a three
    day weekend to do as I want!
    Happy weekend dear friend.

    1. I'm feeling it... all day I have been wanting to do a house clean overhaul- you inspired me. Hoover where art thou?
      Have wonderful weekend

  2. Looks like it's shaping up to be a good autumn for you! One of my photos was chosen for an Arizona Highways online album today and one a couple of weeks ago. I've also had a few Flickr Explores in the last couple of weeks. No cash, though :) But it's always fun to get a little recognition. Tonight I'm out to hear my husband's band and also tomorrow night they play at an art festival. Fall's the best time...

  3. Congratulations Candace- well deserved- so happy for you- that must really be exciting! Music and art...that's a beautiful thing.
    Enjoy your weekend :0

  4. Such colour, love those sunflowers! Victories....hmmmm........fighting a fever this week, making a hard decision and standing by it, being ok with celebrating another birthday which brings me closer to the end of another decade and a birthday ending in 0!

  5. I love your victories! well mine this week have been .... continuing knitting my socks, close to the toe now so that is great!

  6. I love your victories too! So wonderful (and gorgeous) : ) small victories this week include making progress on my son's quilt (I like quilts, I like the feeling that comes from knowing I made a quilt - I do NOT like the process of making quilts) and finally finishing 4 inches of some seriously tedious ribbing - thanks for asking! XO

  7. such wonderful pictures and victories, love each story of each one of them (especially the one of the Frisians, of course ;O)). Enjoy the lovely autumn days!

    Frisian love, Greetje

  8. Your photos are so beautiful. I love the leaves and the yarn especially. I think my seasonal victory right now is being able to spend all day with the windows open because it's cooler outside finally. I know I didn't create that victory myself, it's the change of seasons, but it just feels so good. :)

  9. Oh wow, the colours of those leaves.

    Dealing with my chocolate addiction by going cold turkey and sticking it out, that's my victory.

  10. yay for spinning on the porch and only one skunk meeting, that truly is some notable victories :)

  11. I love the yarn you spun! It is gorgeous. I can only imagine how victorious that sweater will be :)


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