Dream big!

A horse is poetry in motion. 
 ~Author Unknown

I have experienced a series of unusual magical events these past couple of years. 
Purchasing Fiona, falling in love with her, starting her, riding her- my life changed.
It became full
... it couldn't get any better, right?
Well it did, a few months later I acquired Bella.
The love I have for my two dark horses is indescribable.
Ninne, my Swedish grandfather who had past down his love of horses to me
now, become my reality
a dream.
I moved to Montana because of a movie, yes that's right because of a movie. " The horse whisperer". Living in New York at the time I wanted something else, inspired by the surrounding -  in a round about way 3 years later I moved to Montana-
 a dream.
 Well the movie was based on Buck Brannaman-
I read everything I could about him, watched every you tube video and then....
finally moving to Montana  I saw him in person 2 winters ago
- a three day clinic I watched him -
 showing up hours early just to get a good seat I would sit in that cold arena and soak up everything
a dream.
 Last week my trainer forwarded a post on Facebook
 Buck was coming to Kalispell for a week in summer 2016 
there were possibly spots open for his clinic.
 I don't know what came over me- I have never felt such energy. 
Immediately I emailed the sponsors and
inquired if there were still spots available-
too scared to think if there was not a spot open- too scared to think if there was a spot open
what would I do?
Few minutes later the response was-
Shayne says you're in, send us a deposit and we'll see you next summer!
Frozen, I stood and looked at my puter screen- this can't be true???
 This simply can not be true?
It is SO hard to get into his clinics, I felt as if I won the lottery.
I went completely ballistic dancing, crying, laughing,screaming ( I actually lost my voice)
jumping around,
 my daughter and dogs thought I had completely lost it.
 I had come FULL CIRCLE
 I am actually going to ride in a 5 day clinic with Buck Brannaman next summer!
 a dream.
 a dream that came true 15 years later
My kids see that my BIGGEST dream did come true
 and realize it can happen anytime if you work hard if you work towards it
it's inspiring not only to me, but to them.
If you told me 15 years ago I would be living in Montana with two horse and ride in a clinic with Buck I would have chortled.
Dream BIG!
 Dreams come true.
 Believe in yourself- you can do it-  no matter what it is- if you want it, go get it!
 My heart is full.
 It feels incredible.
 Horses are incredibly forgiving. They fill in places we're not capable of filling ourselves.
-Buck Brannaman


  1. Oh wow!! I am so happy for you my friend, this is such amazing news. I can feel your joy through the screen :)

    Dreams do come true, and I know how much you are going to enjoy this dream come true. So exciting!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you Kim...now if my garden could only look like yours :)

  2. This brought tears to my eyes Camilla. Dreams do come true and I am thrilled that yours has!
    Big, big hug!

  3. thank you for sharing your dreams here, so happy for you! Wow!!
    Reading your story gave me new energy to carry on dreaming, and working, and believing. Thanks.

    What a beauties, your dark ones!
    love from Frisia, Greetje

    (mmm, yes, I love the books of Nicholas Evans too... )

    1. Thank you for your encouragement- yes one should never stop dreaming.
      I guess I have a thing for beautiful horses from Friesland :)

    2. they are the best!! ♥

  4. Like Joseph Campbell says...follow your bliss and doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors. You are definitely blissing!!! xoxo

  5. Oh wow! That is so so so exciting for you!!! So happy for you!!!
    I imagine that is how I'd feel if Martha Stewart picked me for some sort of crafting clinic (haha!)

    1. I had to laugh V- that is so funny- well maybe one day you will meet the craft Queen and go to her clinic :)
      ...it might be a "good thing"

  6. Oh wow! How fantastic! Dreams do come true, and I can feel your happiness oozing from this post :)

    1. Yep, I am levitating - dreams do come true :)

  7. Oh gosh, I can feel your excitement!! That is so wonderful for you, I do hope you are still blogging then and we can hear all about it. Wow, wow, wow!!!

    1. Yes, excitement is how I feel- and it is SO wonderful!

  8. That is so fantastic and also inspiring! I am so happy for you that this dream came true and you are absolutely right, you have to dream big!!

    1. Thank you so much- it's absolutely wonderful when a dream comes true, no matter what age you are.

  9. Oh wow!!! What a wonderful dream to have when you were young and that's completely and utterly wonderful that it finally came true :)

    1. Hi Carrie, yes I guess that's what makes even more special :)

  10. this is so wonder-full! I'm very happy that this dream is coming true for you. so, so great! xx ~ a

  11. It is so good to remember that maybe we are living our dream - I know I have to remind myself of this from time to time.

    1. So true - I think I am. Slowing down and looking around and realizing how fortunate I am makes me feel tremendously grateful.

  12. How wonderful for you...My dream was to visit Tasha Tudor's Corgi Cottage... it did come true...not once, but twice!!!

  13. holy cow! or holy horse.... I am SO excited for you!!!! I love that you are living the dream :)

  14. Congratulations, Camilla, what a wonderful experience for you, grabbing life by the reins. I like your new blog layout, by the way.

  15. oh wow, how exciting to live out a dream, and meet a hero! Just incredible, I'm really happy for you!


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