Bloom "when" you're planted

Every December I plant Amaryllis to brighten up the house for the Christmas season
something fresh- something that's growing
It never fails I always plant them too late or there is a snag with the winter light
so they never really bloom at Christmas

My amaryllis seem to bloom the first or second week of January
 which has actually has been quite nice
 cleaning the house out from under all the Christmas décor and the left over pine needles.
mopping the floors
opening up the windows letting in cold winter air
 and then... they bloom
 the beautiful fleurs
welcoming the new year in

It's been a strange Christmas
With my father passing the house has been filled with flower arrangements
from everyone, everywhere
 they are sad-
a heaviness to them
 full of grief
 cut flowers in a vase that will eventually die
 which of course opens the flood gates of tears for me, when that happens
But these white amaryllis have sort of taken on a new meaning for me
 my fathers 81 st birthday was January 4th
 that's when they began to bloom
 well see it as you may- I  feel he is around me

January has always been a favorite month
a new fresh start
something new to cultivate
new discoveries

 and now ...
 I will plant white amaryllis
in memory of dad
the way I have always been planting them
- they'll bloom in January

  letting nature take it's own time
and blooms

...and Martha Stewart,
I am spot on when my dang amaryllis are supposed to bloom!


  1. I have plants from my moms funeral and that was in 1998!! They make me smile now and I hope your planted blooming flowers bring comfort in the days ahead.

  2. He will always be around you ~ So beautiful C. Sending you love...

  3. I planted a weeping willow when my father died, now I sit under it's shade during the hot summer months and think of him. Holding you close in my thoughts Camilla.

    PS- I wanted to let you know I live on the coast of South Carolina, not Florida, although FL. is only a few hours away.

  4. oh so good, so good. the best part is that you are so connected. you see if, feel it, and notice it al - this is one of the many things I appreciate about you. xo

  5. Beautiful!!!
    The feeling you get is so peaceful!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. It means a lot to me! xo

  6. So Beautiful. Love to you xxx


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