Pissed off pies

Reflecting on this week
it's been alarming to say the least.....
and humbling
 I survived it all
Let me start off by saying our septic is on the fritz...meaning yes, we need a new one.
Apparently we did not factor in our 4 kids who adore toilet paper and long showers
when we bought this abode
and the laundry ah yes,
the Mount Everest of laundry I climb each day
chipping at it with four kids
 like shoveling in a snow storm
Just waiting for that mountain to fall.
And it did
 this 3 bdr house could simply not with stand all this.
 we need a new septic this spring
meaning I have to take garbage bags filled with laundry- yes, garbage bags, to the laundry mat
 each week
When people tell you that they pick up heaps of wet,
 damp, musty, moldy towels
in their teens bathroom
believe it !!!!! 
a startling realization to me.
I fought back telling the kids (no, I probably yelled)
 - what do you think this is...
" Le drop and go self cleaning spa????? "
 you now only get one towel a week
 cherish it!
 they just gaze at me with supreme indifference

The following day I took my sweet  angels to the dentist
Fog horn comes running towards me bawling
I have 5 cavities mom.....!!!!!
Oh joy.
 instant discomfort for both parties
we both felt the pain...
his mouth
 my wallet

My horses pasture has become an ice lake that melts and re freezes
every other day
the girls are so frightened of the ice-
 they walk awkwardly and carefully
 as if tiptoeing on top of the slippy stuff
(ever seen a horse tip toe?)
After riding for the first time in 3 months
I came back from the stables
sore as heck walking around like John Wayne
pretty happy with myself having survived the winter with no slips
 walked back to my tack room to hang up my saddle
maneuvering very carefully thru the islands of ice patches
 freshly covered
with a new dusting of snow
and....down she goes
with no grace at all
 both feet in the air
 on the ice
on my back
 with my saddle falling on top of me
 pain shooting up my back
 alarmed and grateful at the same time
that nothing was broken
Later after the shock of going down
 I hobbled hoy into town
to pick up my weekly share of books
once home
 excited to dive in
 I end up stepping in cat puke on the wool rug
as I methodically clean it all up
 calling the dang cat every swear word I can think of.
in Norwegian
Mimi doesn't speak Norwegian
 (my choice of language to cuss in)
 finding a rare moment of bliss- quiet
 to sit down with my aching body
 not so fast.....
Foghorn comes running in from school
he yells out to his siblings....
moms pissed off- she's baking again!!
he looks up at me with his deep blue eyes
 are we having pissed off pies mom?
and that folks ....is what I do when the weeks like this hits you like a storm
I bake
yes, I am pissed off
 I have had a rough week
 a very rough week
 so I feed my family cake
because it makes us all feel good
 they know I love them
 with all my heart
 and this will all be a faint breeze of a memory
 toilet paper, wet moldy towels, cat puke, icy falls and cavities



  1. You need a hug!! We replaces the water pump on January 2nd and I received the bill yesterday -GULP- I feel twice last year and now this season I wear my sturdy boots with and old lady shuffle so I don't repeat the fall. How sweet that you can turn lemons into lemonade- I bet your baking is wonderful!! Sorry about the laundry lugging and the fall :(

    1. Implementing the old lady shuffle! - thank you for your kind words Karen.

  2. Wow - what a week! Funny how things can snowball like that, isn't it. I find my calm in the kitchen too... or I knit. I saw a button on Etsy this week that said, "I knit so I don't kill people." LOL. I need to get that.

    1. Good one- I like that Kelly, I need that button.

  3. I think it must be a teenager requirement to leave wet towels on the floor...at least all of mine of done it.
    I agree with Karen, you need a hug and I'm sending you a big, warm one.
    You bake when you're upset and I clean, we do what we have to for our families right?
    I fell while shoveling ice and snow when I was in Va. this past December and ended up with a huge bruise on my hip. Taught me a lesson real quick about waking on icy, hilly drives. Here in the lowcountry everything is flat, I am only 3 feet above sea level so I didn't have my 'mountain legs'.
    Take care of yourself dear Camilla. Things will get better, I just know it!

    1. It's nice hear from you that is one step ahead of me with the kids- teens etc. - a new normal for me. So sorry about your fall- that is never good. Amen, I am all about things getting better- thank you Tracey.

  4. Oh my, what a week. Sending big virtual hugs to you, but really wishing I could sit down with you, share a cup of tea and let you talk it all out.

    Septic troubles are not fun, we had to replace our whole weeping bed three winters ago, big, messy job.

    Take care Camilla, hang in there, there has got to be something wonderful waiting for you around the next corner. xo

    1. Thank you for your hug Kim- feeling better :)

  5. Can I come over and we can knit together! I'm glad I am not the only one having a rough week.

    1. Yes pleeeeease, I would love to sit and knit with you- I hope you have a better week ahead too Andee.

  6. oh camilla! it's been one of those weeks here too. i'll bring baileys, you provide the cake and we'll self-medicate together :)

  7. so I want to come on over and eat pissed off pie - actually I made some pissed off pastry myself last week ha! Camilla I appreciate your voice and love that I get to not only read it but hear it. you inspire girl. you inspire. I know your week was a tough one, and the way you weave through it always surprises me. XX

  8. ...ehem, I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing you get to hear it and read it?! We should trade recipes for pies and pastry and see who is the most pissed off...hehe.


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