...a journey's end

 I am quite grateful for the cold of winter
 for the snow
as it softly falls
 something comforting about that
covering everything that was there before
this last year has been quite a journey
a fresh blanket of snow
something to crawl under and feel safe and dream
maybe hibernate for a while and ponder on what is to come
reflect on the past and then...
 leap forward into
 the newness
of  a new year filled with wonder and dreams
a new journey
Wishing you a very Happy and healthy 2014
... and that your dreams will come true this year
(Thank you all so much for your very kind words on the prior post)
“Don't let your dreams be dreams.”
-Jack Johnson


  1. Happy New Year!!! Hoping your dreams come true too :)

  2. snow! so beautiful. i was so sorry to read about your father's passing camilla. sending hugs and much love for this tender time.
    and happy new year, wishing all the best for 2014 :)

  3. They are very nice pictures of this post, transmit a lot of serenity despite having sorrow in my heart for the loss of your father. An affectionate hug.

  4. Camilla, you have touched my heart with you photos and your words.
    I was so sorry to read about your father, I too am a fatherless girl and miss my dad every day...still after 16 years.
    I hope 2014 brings you all you wish. Happy New year.

  5. Your last photo... To see THAT every day. Wow. I have no doubt the new year is going to take you on an amazing journey. You my friend have an internal fire that burns bright ~ your light shines! Thank you for letting us join you on your journey. Snuggle in, let winter re-kindle your warmth as we are all wrapping you in love ~xo

  6. Your snow became my snow today, we have about four inches and like you I snapped some photos to remember. may 2014 be kind to you :)

  7. oh these photos, They kill me! so goooood. I hope you are doing okay. I wish you a Happy New year full of love and comfort xxxx


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