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Well that's it folks
 as promised here are a few pictures from this spring kitchen remodel.
It was tough felt like camping with six people-
 would I do it again?
 in a heartbeat.
 Amazing the first time in our lives to have a kitchen that functions and works with the way we live. Knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room making it one big space
 all the natural light streaming in is so wonderful.
 What you're not seeing is that we added ceiling solar tube over the kitchen counter-
another cool thing-
 I just started turning on the light as Montana goes into winter dark mode- the tubes let in so much light even on a dark day it feels good.
 I have SAD syndrome so any extra light is much appreciated-
the tubes were also at a relative low cost.
 Our kids love the breakfast bar and all the room around the counters and the island counter space- great to gather around with friends.
  the book shelf holds an assortment of cooking books.
I came home from New Mexico when the renno started
so I asked for a few beams to be added to our living room ceiling
difference- so cozy
 well worth it and I feel like a brought a little of Santa Fe to my home
I designed the kitchen with input from chef 
kept it simple and ergonomic so there was no need for a designer to get involved- money saved
Pierre picked the granite, reminds me of Norway-
 just love the simple grey with little specks of red garnet
 we are 100 % satisfied.
 If you are planning a kitchen remodel
 do it
 you won't regret it.


  1. I love your kitchen Camilla, and thank you so much for sharing the photos.
    We are planning a kitchen redo, it's been a long time in planning, and we will
    also be knocking out the wall between the kitchen and dining area so I'm thrilled
    that you love it so. I am also very happy to see your open shelving as that is what
    is going in my kitchen too, I love the feel of it.

  2. The beams are a beautiful touch and what a great idea to add the solar tubes. We could use some of those in our kitchen!

  3. Oh it is gorgeous, we did the same last year and the new space is fantastic!

  4. Oh wow, this is amazing. So beautiful, light and airy. Enjoy!

  5. Looks wonderful. I bet you'll love the light and the open feeling. We keep talking about doing something like this to our kitchen. Just another great example, thanks for sharing.

  6. This is just beautiful. I love it.

  7. it's gorgeous...I'm really jealous...those solar tubes are very cool...but what I really to say is: Enjoy! Bon appetit! xo

  8. You took scandanavian to a zen level !!! I love your new space...especially the tint of blue you picked for the walls. I love the art on your dining room walls (are they yours?). xoxo

  9. stunning!!! it's amazing how a wall being removed let's in natural light. I love your style and the way you decorated!!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous !! Amazing space!!

  11. My goodness, it's gorgeous. Classic and rustic and it looks so functional (and pretty!). Wonderful job. I especially loveeee the beams in your living room. Great touch!!!

  12. It's beautiful. What a wonderful space, the heart of the home.

  13. Your house is so beautiful and your photography of your house is so beautiful! I need a whole house reno!!!! Now that I'm retired, I'm going to start getting things done. Sadly, we're not too handy ourselves so we will have to hire people so I don't know how much will really get done.

  14. Totally love your pennant/flag. I'm not sure if those are prayer flags, but they're so whimsical and colourful. Love them!

  15. Beautiful - so light and spacious!


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