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This is where we stayed for most of our visit in Norway.
- Eivinds plass fjell gard- 
My uncle Karsten is a well known author and pastor in Norway,
he lives deep in the mountains on this farm with 22 cabins that are from the early 1700's.
When I was younger I used to visit him during winter and Easter vacation and go skiing here.
Eivindsplass is in  Hardanger vidda next to one of Norway's national parks.
This last image is Halling Skarvet and is a glacier that you can hike during summer and ski during winter, Karsten used to pull up me behind his snow mobile and I would ski the whole day here.
The favorite uncle- he has always embraced me with open arms
 and was so very kind to my family coming from America.
Here are more images from his place in the mounatins
He wants us to move back to the old country in the worst way....and who knows
maybe one day?

“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way.”

Dr. Seuss


  1. Such a beautiful place. My favorite uncle died when he was still young. Cancer got him... I'm still sad, when I let myself be. I'm so glad you have this place and these memories...

  2. I really must visit there one day, it's all so beautiuful!

  3. On my goodness, so beautiful!

  4. Beautiful! I love how weathered the wood looks and in such deep rich tones. I have a favorite aunt and know that favorite feeling so well. Glad you went back and you should more often!


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