Change & curiosity

 Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches,
letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights. 
~Pauline R. Kezer
 My whole body aches for change often
 I am curious
Most of my friends stayed in Oslo after graduation
 a pretty grounded bunch
 me.....I was chomping at the bit to get the heck outta there
 explore new territory
 new space
 new place
 I think I inherited this gene from dad
 he was a mover
 spent most of his life up in the air
traveling all the world for his line of work
 at home in California he spent as much time as he could on the ocean
 the constant need for movement
He was never worried by it
 it encouraged him to see new things
 and passed that down to me
I moved around a lot when I was little - which continued when I got married.
Anywhere can be " home"- if you let it.
 Sometimes when I got so bored with my situation I would move
 embrace the newness of new state, new town a new environment
free things up
free my mind

 It's the curiosity in me
 the never ending wanderlust

eventually I found my spot in the world
my roots are deep
 Montana has my heart
 I still get restless
and all I want to do is flee
the need for change is still there

I wrote a post here recently how I was pretty down because I couldn't find my mojo

being creative can be a curse
It scares me
 when I am un inspired
 loose my creative energy
  when traveling
I step out of my "normal"
my comfort zone
and let go

when I return home
 The same seems new.
I view life with fresh eyes
 A light that  inspires me to do new things that me feel like I am moving forward
 Change is darn good
 makes you also appreciate routine
 to come back to what you know
 I cast out my fishing rod
 see what it might bring in
 but still stand firmly on shore
 just testing the waters
 and of course just I end up  loosing the dang rod
and jump in with both feet

There is a change in the air again
 inspiration slowly seeping in
 it's a good feeling
willing to take some unexpected risks
 throw it all out there
 what do I have to loose?
To heck with fear
I read an awesome quote:
If your dreams don't scare you
 they aren't BIG enough.

my mantra these days

Surrounding myself with new places,
 cleaning out my house from top to bottom,
 new music, books
a list of places I want to explore
more travel
 painting my living room,
painting furniture
exploring more saturated colors 
new curtains, new rugs
 new energy
hauling "stuff " to the local thrift or the dump
it feels amazing to get rid of old crap
more empty space
to fill with
just space to breathe

This fall I am traveling to New Mexico
 Santa Fe and Taos
 I hear the energy there is something special
ready to be awestruck by the landscape
 visit dear Georgia whom I love with all my heart
curious to immerse myself in the art & culture
curious about the food
I want to make it to the Taos wool festival
 New Mexico has been on my bucket list for 12 years
 I think about it every day
Hubby is used to it and just goes with it- he's pretty neat like that

 it's in my nature
 to be curious
 to embrace change
 and I do it with all my heart
what about you
what fuels your fire?


  1. I too traveled a lot when I was younger [21 moves by the time I was 18], but now I think I've turned into such a homebody. I DO change my home environment though..my car is loaded to the brim with items being donated and
    when I get home I will be filling it again. Right now I crave open, clean spaces in my home. My poor pack rat of a husband, Mike's not sure what to think!
    You are going to love NM, it's great!

  2. I do not have wonder lust, never had it either. however I get into moods when I want a supremely cleaned out house and I go at it like a mad woman. Sometimes my husband gets a little worried I'll touch his stuff but so far I do not attack the garage nor the basement. Have fun in NM!

  3. Fortunately, I often meet new people here at home.
    Last week stayed here three Dutch women who originally come from the Moluccas (Indonesia). They are very warm, cozy and cook delicious food.
    I can not stand it when life is boring and monotonous. I also love new experiences, challenges and want to see more of the world.
    New Mexico seems great. A nice trip to look forward to!

  4. Oh I feel the same as you often! I've decided I will always be someone that needs to change things often. And that's okay. Have fun on your travels! xxx


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