Moscow, Idaho

 We spent 5 nights in Moscow
waiting for Mr. Luther to recover from his surgery.
Moscow is one our favorite little rural towns.
We come here often when the boys play soccer.
 Nestled between wheat fields
a creative and vibrant rural college town.
Very eco friendly and green
With an amazing organic co- op, coffee shops, book stores, thrift stores, bike shops and restaurants.
We started the morning with coffee from our favorite cafe -
One world cafe
 and freshly made mini do nuts.
Yeah, I know not the healthiest but some times you need a little caffeine and sweet
to get your day rolling.
My compass led me right here-
awesome shop lots of a variety even hand spun yarn from locals- great selection.

 New project in the works

Yoga studios and tree lined side walks with out door seating
Delicious smoothies

Storm Cloud
The best second store evva!
Love the variety of clothes and shoes and the guys who own are super nice.

Oh dear...which one to choose???

Nothing better than a SALE at the book store...

Back for another quick coffee stop
 croissant for lunch.
Chef enjoyed him self
away from his own café.

Shopping therapy pour moi.
(Yes, I do support the metal smith community)

Then to the park 
Big soccer fans that we are the world cup was playing while we were there
 all 5 of us sat huddled in our big King-size bed cheering and yelling at the TV!
Auggie doing a Suraz on dad...

Lovely open green space the park in town  a favorite hang out.
Soccer, volleyball, slack lining, knitting, picnicking and a few moments of napping.

I wish I could say we had dinner here
 but we didn't.
(I just loved the colors)
Good palette for my house next year?

If you are in the neighborhood
I highly recommend Moscow
 People are friendly and it's rural, yet hip little town
 Great place to take a moment.



  1. gorgeous gorgeous photos. I would love to visit that town, it looks right up my alley.
    I hope your pup is doing well.

  2. Wow, that looks like a great little town to spend a few days. Adding it to my list of places to visit...one day :)

  3. I'm with Cory, I think it would be fun to plan a girls getaway and we all meet in that gorgeous town.
    Love your new ring and the yarn, oh my!

  4. what a fun town! I could come on the getaway too! Love the ring, yarn and the BOOKS! those look so pretty!

  5. aw love this post, feel like I was there with you x

  6. I hope Mr. Luther is doing well after his surgery! Poor baby! Wishing him a speedy and complete recovery! xo

  7. Lovely pictures, thank you for showing us. I do like that yarn, and am curious about the new knitting project!


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