Summer knitting

Still working on DEVLAN
taking my time
it's summer
so everything is on the easy.
A new book has been found
by Ruth Reichl
it looks really good- something I can sink my teeth into
 I love reading cookbooks and about chefs etc. so this should be right up my alley
 I did eventually ditch
it just wasn't for me.
I am also offering a GIVE AWAY!!!
 A lovely hand painted skein is up for grabs with my new line of yarns
Mountain Girl Yarns
( the post prior to this one)


  1. Such beautiful yarn.. Enjoy your knit!

  2. What a lovely knit the yarn is an amazing colour combination and what great texture. I was a little disappointed when I read Bird Cloud too. I loved how it began and the interesting people that she met but then it became a bit too much about bricks and mortar and it was the people that I wanted to read about. I'll check out your new recommendation, sounds like it could be up my alley too.

  3. Tender to the Bone is a book I haven't heard of, but will be looking for here to read, it sounds right up my alley.
    My mama loves to tell the story of me always sitting with one of her cookbooks just reading it, some things never change.

  4. Lovely yarn...it's got great colors!

  5. that was such a great read! she has a few other books that come after it and i recommend them all :)

  6. Beautiful yarn! Love the picture! :)

  7. Love the colors and the yarn of the new pullover!

  8. beautiful yarn!!!! the book sounds good.....just added it to my 'list' (I'm with some former college roommates for a long weekend and one of the things we always do is make our 'list' for the year......i'm adding this to it!)

  9. Beautiful yarn, the colours in it are a delight.

  10. Adding your book to my list :) Thanks!

  11. I absolutely love the wool you are using! The the colours are really beautiful. I'm also trying to do my knitting/crochet at a slower pace now the Summer has arrived.

  12. Love the title of your book and the cover, your knitting as always looks fabulous, love the colorway!

  13. The colours in your Devlan are beautiful, I think they would make knitting all the more enjoyable :)

  14. Your Devlan is so beautiful already!

  15. Hope all is well. I'm off on vacation and hope to catch up on all my blogs. I can't believe summer is almost over. We are looking at colleges and I feel overwhelmed, sad and excited all at the same time. It's an amazing time! Enjoy the last few days of summer!


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