Whitefish ~ Montana

Peace — that was the other name for home.
~Kathleen Norris
On this beach is where it all started for me
 11 years ago I was standing here with my father and my little 6 year old daughter
 running barefoot on the beach
Sometimes you just know...that feeling washes over you
 your heart skips a beat and your soul just shouts YES!!!

 Though we now live in the country 9 miles away, it's always fun to visit the ski town 
 Huckleberry Ice cream from " Sweet Peaks "
Great views of  Big Mountain
 ( yes I'm old school I refuse to call it Whitefish ski resort)
 snow is starting to melt and spring is in the air
Hey kid
 get outta my way!
 Back on the beach the ice is melting too
 I love ice
Pretty neat to see how the ice melt pushes up towards the shoreYou can see all the way to our northern neighbors in Canada 
Hey kid - knock it off!

 Auggie's pretty excited that spring is here - skateboarding again
skating in front, back and side ways of me
 almost tripped several times on this walk with him
Home is such a special feeling
 familiar and comforting
Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.



  1. the beach in winter is such a magical place! no wonder you fell in love

  2. you certainly picked beautiful stage settings for the theatre of life !!!! my kids love their boards too... but doesn't it freak you out when they do all their skateboarding tricks without a helmet and a mouth guard?

  3. I can see why fell in love with this place Camilla, it is stunning.

  4. The place you call home looks so magical!

  5. Mmmhmm, I can see why your soul shouted yes :) Home is most definitely the best and where our heart rests.
    p.s. Love your not-so-little skateboarding photobomber! He's good! My boys are itching to get theirs out soon too.

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love the snowy mountains peeking behind the town.

  7. Stunning. What a beautiful place you call home. Would love to visit one day.........

  8. Well, what a beautiful place you live in! And your son can skate very well, seeing him turning that board and all! Are you looking forward to Spring, Camilla? Or do you rather see Big Mountain dressed in snow?

  9. home is definitely where it's at! love your space and the melting snow and the fresh air that I can almost breathe in.

  10. Whitefish takes my breath away. Of course your beautiful photography makes one feel like they are there.

  11. Those photos. ... breathtaking!!

    Happy weekend!!

  12. I wish I lived here!!! Stunning photos x

  13. I sat on that beach with Camie and had a coffee the day before we left. My heart said 'yes' too.. Gorgeous photos as always!

  14. Another awesome post--I so love stepping into this landscape with you. And I love the skateboarding photo-bombs! Makes the photos even better. xx


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