~ Fiddle Fern ~
This name is so fun to say- hubby came up with it when he saw me spinning.
 Got my hands on the Ashford again, though I am no wiz bang at plying- it is fun to spin again
 thick and thin
 It's been a fiber- ish weekend.
 more single ply
  How do you store your needles?
My round needles are in an old hat box
 And the long straight needles are in a Irish Cream tin and a Macadamia box
 the smaller ones and crochet needles are in jam jars
  My sewing needles and scissors are in a mint tin
 and I came up with a clever idea this weekend
 I put my boring stitch markers in a G.U. M. box that came with the tooth floss that I buy
 they fit perfectly
 And they fit in the tin neatly.

This is my top down cardi
 the yarn is the plant dyed " experiment" from the this
It is so fun to knit with colors that I came up with, it makes it even more special.
 Keeping it simple so I can see how the colors work and blend with out to much showy stitches.
 As with the barn sweater I am at a cross road of which side I should have facing out
 the knit stitch?

 or the purl stitch?
What say you?


  1. I love seeing how you store your knitting tools, I will have to share mine. :)
    It must feel wonderful to spin your own fiber and one day I WILL have that experience.
    I love the thin -thick of your yarn and the colors are just beautiful. I just received the book,
    "The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes" just because I want to
    try dyeing my own yarn at least once in my life time.

    1. Oh, and I am really liking the purl side of your cardi!

  2. Yay for spinning, so happy to see you back at it. I have a drop spindle waiting to be put together, and then I will give spinning a try. I am sure it will be fun!

    Love the cardi you are knitting, purl side wins for me :)

    Needle storage, I do the same as you, mason jars. It works, although it gets a little messy with the circular needles in there. I saw a great storage system for circulars at the fiber festival in the fall, I need to get on making one. Soon....

  3. Love your spun yarn particularly the blue and pink. I store my dpn's in a me made needle roll, my needles in a bag I made for something else can't remember what now but it works ok, my circulars are in the horrible plastic case they came in. I am interested to see what Kim is going to make as I need some inspiration on what to make.

    Love the knit side of the cardi!

  4. Interesting how you store your stuff. For me, I crochet maybe one thing a year, my lack of needles makes it easy to store. I just throw the two I have in a junk drawer.
    Really like the colours of the yarn you spun.

  5. I've said it before, your yarn is a true work of art! I store my round needles in the case I bought them in and the sock needles too actually. Seeing your storage makes me think about why I never thought about storing them like that, it seems so convenient :-)

  6. Ooo, Camilla - its all so pretty! You make me want to pull out my ashford and give it a good dusting off! Love your new cardi, though its a tough call I think I prefer the softness of the purl side :) As I knit mostly with circs, I store mine on a hook conveniently located next to my chair and then store the rest of my stuff in two little pouches, one larger one for dpns, buttons, rulers etc., one smaller one that holds the essentials that goes with me everywhere :) XO

  7. I was absolutely certain on the barn sweater that the purl side was perfect.....and I'm just as certain that the knit side is perfect for this one; the colors look more intense and vibrant----and these colors just scream to be seen clearly. (in my humble opinion!!!!!!)
    Love your storage containers!!! You could start a whole thread here!!!

  8. This time i'm saying purl... just because the barn sweater turned out amazing !!! The colours are going to look fantastic on you...

  9. A dream of colours! Beautiful...

  10. I absolutely love the cardigan you are knitting, everything about it. Cool storage for your needles, it has made me realize that I probably need a better one. ..

    Have a great week!

    Lluisa xoxo

  11. Beautiful pictures - like little artworks! And I loooove your table!

  12. loved seeing your notions and where you keep them. lovely cardigan!

  13. You are so good with colour!!!

  14. I think you should go with the opposite of the barn sweater, but it will be glorious either way, of course! I keep all my needles in jars, too. I tried keeping the jars out as just part of the decorating around here, but my littles kept taking needles to use as wands and swords and whatnot. Now they're in the closet (the needles, not the kids), but someday I hope they make a reappearance & see some light. Your thick-and-thin yarn is awesome--that's probably my favorite yarn to knit with. oxx


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