Blessing on the blossom

When my children were little we would say this little verse at the table before our dinner

Blessings on the blossom, 
Blessings on the root, 
Blessings on the leaf and stem, 
Blessings on the fruit

Perfect for my little plant dyed cardi
Its all encompassing of the plant
and now I am knitting the reward
 I have one arm left
crossing my fingers it will be done for my trip

 Enjoying the new issue of Taproot issue 13 Song, came in the mail today.

 Two quick things I noticed (haven't had time to read all yet)
 A yummy "Warming Winter Soup" a delish Fish soup.

 Another article on re -purposing yarn from already knit sweaters.
 Which is near and dear to my heart 
something my mother did when she was young,
 and then.....showed me how to 
a great way to build up your stash and get high quality yarns when times were tough.

 Now that we are all a little more earth conscious  
might be and idea before we throw out that old sweater or go thrifting?

So what are you knitting and reading?

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  1. Super cute sweater Camilla, and my fingers are crossed that you will be wearing it on your trip.
    I hope my Taproot arrives tomorrow, I'm waiting.:)

  2. Oh your sweater is gorgeous, love it! My issue of Taproot has arrived, but I am waiting til Thursday evening to dig into it, at a coffee shop with tea :)

  3. Grid Junkey!! He is in insta too and has an interview on Woolful.. One of the first few episodes! Pretty much all of my weaving yarns are from reclaimed sweaters. I love ripping...like corn on the cob!! Gorgeous sweater! My issue came too but I haven't opened it yet ..can't wait!!

  4. Love your sweater and love that little verse as well.

  5. I just took apart an unfinished sweater that my mother in law knitted years ago, washed the yarn and hopefully will use it again for seomthing nicer :-)

  6. The sweater is looking beautiful, Camilla. The colors match perfectly. I love the green the most! The verse is sweet!

  7. I have re knit sweater yarns before especially if I loved the yarn. Your sweater is beautiful, love the garter stitch details, the older I get the more I fall in love with garter stitch, who knew!!

  8. I walked past a boutique yarn shop just the other day, and thought about you and and your beautiful yarn. I love your new New Mexico sweater !!!

  9. LOVE the cardi! So pretty, and almost finished!

  10. I love repurposing beautiful yarn from thrift sweaters. Love seeing the process resulting in lovely new stash.
    Your sweater is looking gorgeous!

  11. I love your sweater! So close to being finished. I love re-purposing yarn to knit with again. I have a hand spun sweater that I really don't like that I will be doing that with.

  12. Love the colors in your sweater. It's perfect for spring. I would like to learn how to repurpose old sweaters. I'm always coming across them in thrift stores.

  13. Beautiful cardigan, I love the texture in it and the mix of colours you've used. It's going to be gorgeous when you're finished. I don't envy you those ends though lol

  14. Your cardigan is looking wonderful. The colour combination is lovely, I hope it is ready for your trip. I have repurposed one thing that I knitted myself but had thought of doing it with bought items............now you have me thinking......always dangerous!

  15. That is a beautiful cardigan! I love those colors together, but I don't think I would have come up with that combination.

  16. That cardigan looks better every time I see it. I love that verse, the wrods and its meaning. .. quite perfect :)

    Lluisa xoxo

  17. I like repurposing too. We took an old wool sweater of my wife's and washed it in hot, threw it in the dryer, and it shrunk down to fit our 2 year old.

  18. Greetings! I love your new sweater - such beautiful colors. I too received my Taproot magazine today. I haven't opened it yet as it's my first copy of this magazine. I'm excited to see what's inside. Have a great day!

  19. one of the happiest sweaters ever!! love it. (I'm loving this issue of Taproot, too! Wish I had had the tutorial before I lunged in to ripping out my old sweater and reknitting another. Mine is looking very 'textured'...I'll live with it.)


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