~ Little dragons and icecream ~

Woke up to a lovely pink & peachy sky
 another sunny and warm Indian summer has been bestowed on us here in Montucky
 enjoying every minute of it.
 I seem to scurry a little more to get things done
 little reminders everywhere
 that Autumn is just around the corner.
Hay barn is finally finished
 glad for that and just in time...
my girls will have nice dry hay this frosty season.
 Washed mountains of laundry and hung it all out to dry in the warm sun
 Planted some more trees before the cold snap
( you make root beer from the bark)
 the leaves look like mittens-
Working on my new shop,
business cards and yarn wrappers are in.
  Yarn is dyed and labeled
Now I am photographing the skeins will soon upload all
it's a process, but it is a fun process.

Sometimes in the evening when my three boys are away playing soccer...
I treat myself
not making dinner
cereal with almond milk
 it's easy and I love it
1 dish, 1 spoon clean up
 sitting out on the front porch, the dogs laying by my feet
enjoying the quiet after a long day
with my bowl of cereal
 So this quiet evening
I am knitting a lovely pattern Little Dragon socks-
so pretty and the neat thing is that the back is 2 k 2p
 unusual, which I think makes it so unique
 there are several variations of this pattern
 and I finally also had some time to look ( drool) at my new book
Ample Hills Creamery
anyone who knows me,
is aware that ice cream is one of my food groups-
usually I have 3- 5 different flavors on the ready in my freezer.
...and now, I started making ice-cream 
with Ginger tea and lemon cookies
and the quote on the tea tag...
it said...where there is love, there is no question.
grateful for one of those productive, busy days
 with a little bit of calm and a little bit of sweet
 feeling peaceful, feeling plentiful



  1. Loving the goat on your business cards. Ben & Jerry's has a great ice cream "cookbook". The chocolate is divine.

  2. I would love to come and sit beside you Camilla, knit, eat ice cream [and yes, it's a food group], and enjoy the view.
    I am over the top excited for your shop to open!

  3. I would definitely wake up early just to marvel at that sky!! really excited to see your yarn, i am in love with your brand logo, it's gorgeous!!

  4. can not wait for the shop to open!!! (i'm really loving the color-way on those socks....!!!) actually, I'm loving the socks. period. it's funny. A friend called yesterday and wanted help doing judy's magic cast on.....i've done it before but usually do my socks cuff down, so I've just 'reviewed'. I saw that the dragon socks start with just that cast on....i'm taking it as a 'sign' and casting on another pair of socks. (maybe i'll wait til the shop opens and knit them with some of your yarn....but, the pattern is downloaded, my needles are out-----I'm ready!)

  5. Goodness, that sky...just gorgeous! I love my Yogi tea with the inspirational quotes.

    So excited about your shop, I have been saving a little here and there so I can make a purchase :) Can't wait!

  6. I am so glad you have had this beautiful, productive, sweet day. I do the same thing when there is no one else who needs me to cook for them, such a pleasure. I am so thrilled and excited for your shop to open and slightly paranoid that everything will sell out before I get a chance.... Love tea tags! you got a good one :) xo

  7. Such a lovely post Camilla ~ I love being able to embrace beautiful Montana through your posts. I dream of it everyday.. xo

  8. I love this post, the sky, the yarn and that lovely mug! I am so looking forward to the shop being open, my pennies are squirrelled away ready!

  9. Here we are also ready for winter ;)
    This weekend it's sunny and warm on the pusta in Hungary.
    Love you're post! xo

  10. oh how exciting! I'd love to see the shop when it is all ready :)

  11. Very excited for your shop update! Your labels make me smile. Fellow ice cream-aholic here. My mother grew up on a dairy farm & thus I have been raised you can never have too much cream or butter in the fridge. We seem to make homemade ice cream all the time as my littles could eat a whole canister themselves in one sitting.

    BeAuTiFuL socks!


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