Bibimbap on the weekend


 A balmy 2 F outside this weekend
 so it is project time!
 Chef is cleaning all the ceiling fans and
helping me spruce up the kids bathroom with some custom wood work details

At the library
found this
love- ly book
 reminds me of my child hood in Scandinavia when I would go out side and play all day the forest
 I have peeked Foghorns interest
....when the snow melts of course.

 painting this morning
my daughters bathroom
a spa green grey

...and Auggie suggested that since we have had such a loooong and dreary winter
 we should go somewhere warm
 and relax
ehem...I don't know how to relax?

Not a big fan of clothes or shoes
Chef and I surprised our selves and the kids
 spontaneously we purchased tickets to
 Kona Hawaii
a long winter in Montucky does that to you
you just loose it!

some times you just need to do something crazy
 and impromptu
I guess we all need a little Aloha in our lives.

 found this little self portrait of Foghorn
 after the vacation announcement
 at first I thought he was speechless because the mouth was missing?
 Be he promptly corrected me and said if you look closely I am " smirking '
 excited to go mom!

missing my yarn dyeing days and craving color
I am having fun with the dye pot
when ever I get a moment

a view from upstairs on this
  wintery morn

paint always finds a spot on my pants
 Since I am painting Fifi's bathroom she baked me a
Chocolate cake!
Now that's a deal.
So here it is my favorite word of the week
" Bibimbap "
 it's fun to say

I have always loved Andrew Weil
Just borrowed
True Food
 looks like Bibimbap will be a good choice for dinner.
So how was your weekend?



  1. I love bibimbap, so good.
    How wonderful to be taking a vacation to Hawaii, you will have an amazing time I'm sure.
    Would you like me to send you some Spanish moss to make the little house? I would be happy too.
    My weekend was great. Lots of hiking which makes me happy.

  2. I have a pair of painting pants. I love all of the different colors on them and how they remind me of all of the rooms I've lived in over the years.

  3. You are busy! We are too as we are knocking a wall down in the kitchen to make a big kitchen dining room. We spent the weekend plumbing and I got splated in yuck from a central heating system..... I don't think I will blog that!!

  4. Hawaii...how very exciting!!! That view from your home is just stunning.

  5. love the book! well done painting (ugh) and yay! hawaii! love kona! love the big island! have a wonderful time!

  6. love this glimpse into your days. and hawaii!!!!

  7. Yay for Hawaii take me, take me. We've had enough of this Winter too and booked a camping trip on the beach in South Carolina in a month. No where near as cool as Hawaii!!! I am so jealous.

  8. Hawaii!!! Yay!!! Love your painters pants, they look like designer stuff. I miss you dyeing of wool days too :)

  9. Åh Hawaii - det låter underbart. När åker ni? Så mycket du fått gjort i helgen. Bilden med dina garner är fantastisk. Kram!

  10. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii! xxx

  11. Can't wait to see your photos from Hawaii! Nothing better than to get over the winter hump with a trip to warm your bones. Have a wonderful time ~ xo

  12. ummmm....I LOVE THIS POST!!!!! Am so glad to have found you.
    I don't like clothes or shoes either. I shop for those things second-hand and wear the same jeans all week.
    And we love Hawaii! We honeymooned there and were there other times, before kids.

  13. ahh the freshness in your photos. and i love your pants! ayhoooooo to Kona (take me with!) i want to go back:)


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