...at the end of the day

at the end of the day
 I often wonder;
 did I live it well?
 have I done what I could to make this the best day
 did I waste it?
Sadly enough many times I feel that the minutes that were given
were wasted
 worry, anger, insecurity
stupid things that don't matter.

At the end of the day...
that "someone" might not be there any longer
did I
 pay attention
 ...was I forgiven?

 Did I make someone smile
 or did someone smile at me
 ...wipe someone's tears
 or, smile thru my own tears?

if I listened
 or someone listened to me?

Yes Bella, we listen to you humming
Fiona doesn't seem to be enjoying it greatly...

Was I kind
was my heart open?

Did I give someone a hug
receive a hug

Bella...goof ball !
Did I laugh?
God, I need to laugh more.

Did I tell someone I loved them?
...do I feel loved?

 did I say the right thing,
what is the right thing?
or hurt someone's feelings
 Starting to realize how fragile life is
 but that IS life

At the end of the day
all I know is
how to be me
 and clearly an idiot at times
good, bad or indifferent
you only get one
...one shot

 mine's not perfect
 but it's pretty darn close

I can say that
at the end of day
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. Beautiful words and images. Hope you have the most wonderful weekend. xo

  2. Your beautiful soul really shines in this post Camilla.
    Thank you for all of this.

  3. I am giving you a hug today! Thank you for supporting me! Also thank you for taking me to where you live. I feel like I get to get away from here every time I read one of your posts. I always enjoy the trip. It looks so much different there than here.

  4. so lovely camilla. when my children were small i used to ask myself these questions almost every night before bed. and try to do better the next day, depending on my answer :)

  5. Such beautiful words and those pictures literally blow my socks off. Amazing xxxx

  6. I read it twice :) We should all give pause and question ourselves as we trip through life. Sometimes we are in a hurry or caught up in ourselves and forget to see others and live life in the moment.

  7. As the Psalmist says, Selah - pause and consider your timely thoughts.

  8. beautiful. thank you for the reminder and I'm sure glad I stumbled onto your blog. it's a good one.

  9. Lovely. I'm sure you live your life well everyday.

  10. i love you as you. i feel blessed to have you in my life.. you always make me laugh :) i trust you because you are you, and nothing is better than that in my opinion! you are a gift.


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