Spring randomness

In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six
different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours. 
~Mark Twain

I think Mark Twain must have lived in Montucky.
 Every year I'm equally surprised that spring actually isn't solid  here until probably mid April

 we go from this

to this

and back again

 In other news...
Since the weather has been crazy...
I make myself work inside not to get too frustrated with the outside .
 is humming along
 I didn't like the chalk board back ground
so it's been changed to plain white.

I think it looks better
 n'est pas?

 If  having 70 items in my shop that needs a do over isn't enough- I have to shoot the same outfit 5-6 times in different angles to upload to ETSY- it's a job.
A lot of on and off with clothing and accessories and editing... but worth the it in the end I think.

Reading this!
The bright and cheery colors just leapt out at me in the market

interesting to read about others in the creative business and how they make it all happen.

Days with Gabriel
 have become more and more filament's of routine

The ice is slowly melting on the sunny days
 always fun to explore

Luther catching some warm spring sun rays- (Lilly foto bombing)



...a little something for the birds.

 Few years back  I found "The brave little turtle " in a thrift shop in Kauai-
 Gabriel and I have been watching some pretty educational and terrible Nat Geo videos about all the trash that floats up onto the islands of Hawaii.
This book was so very sweet about bravery and 
awareness about how animals suffer and have to cope when trash remains in the ocean.
The book affected me so much when I was reading it to Fog horn I started crying.
 (that's a good thing!)
I think someone will be on the look out for sea turtles in the near future.
11 days and counting...

 There is something special in the air- the change to longer days and more light.
Spring is my favorite time of year
 I'll greet mother nature however she shows up.
...and how life in your neck of the woods?


  1. Where I live there's a hot summer, exaggerated. The nature à ahead, it is hoped that the cold does not come back because it would ruin the blooms. Your photographs are spectacular cold. Greetings from Italy.

  2. Yes, spring is in the air here, the pollen is blowing. I love the photo of Gabriel out messing with the ice in a tee shirt, I would be freezing. I adore turtles. We have turtle watches here to count the babies once the eggs hatch as they make their way to the big ocean, it's a lot of fun. Are you packed yet?

  3. Your spring sounds like spring in our neck of the woods. Apparently it snowed at home today...I am glad I am at the beach :) You gave the God's Eyes a try, they look great! Eleven days...exciting! Have fun!

  4. Can I come on your trip too?? Please. Five or six pictures please I take at least 40 of one scarf :)

  5. Today the sun is shining in Hungary and it's 21 degrees.
    I like to see your pictures.
    Roxy and I loves to come too to see the turtles!!!

  6. loved seeing your days, and your son looks so happy to be home doing his own learning at his own pace. Yay! Soon my son will be returning to his campus and then we will be two once again.

  7. I love your life and your photos of it!!!!!

  8. I actually forgot that the first day of spring was on Thursday. We got another few inches of snow on Wednesday and everything is still so frozen that it will be a miracle if any of my herbs in the garden survived. Or the apples. Or the strawberries. I should really start planning the garden but it just doesn't seem like it's time yet with how the winter has been dragging on.


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