Gorge- ous!

Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness. 
~Ray Bradbury

 Words can not describe this Gorge - "ous" place
 Scary and impressive at the same time
Looking out over the EXTREME depth and vastness
secretly wishing the strong winds would pick me up

 terrifying and thrilling at the same time
Here I vaguely get an idea how incredible this earth is
 this place so powerful
 Most of the time I felt completely lost in New Mexico
 not always knowing where you are
  loosing yourself and your direction
letting go
just.....feels right
 you see what you see 
that is so freeing
 mind opening
Leaving reenergized
I got distracted in the parking lot- fun colored buses that were selling
 ice-cream and coffee.

We got lost trying to find the self sustainable Earthship community.

 I consoled myself by buying way to much soap from
 Blue feather soap co.

Lucky me, sweet Gillian (soap maker) lives in the Earthship community
 told us all about it and her life there
so at least I heard about it.
Its been a dream of mine to live there
 (not popular with my kids)
Taking the high road south to Santa Fe
 I had an appointment with Georgia and did not want to be late!

 This landscape

 I knew this special place would resonate in my heart
...and then an unexpected find.
 This historic beauty was built 1776
 you can really see the straw and mud application

 Parts of New Mexico are very peaceful
there is a serenity in the landscape
 and I can understand why people are very spiritual here
 I think I found my house :)

Not bad when you have an amazing view like this down the street.
 Did I mention
We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.
~Hilaire Belloc 



  1. oh wow, those are amazing photos!! Looks like you were in Goergia O'Keeffe country, it's so inspiring.

  2. Such a stunning landscape - those unexpected finds are so often the most memorable and exciting. What a trip! (thanks for sharing) xo

  3. Breathtaking! I will live at the Earthship community with you , my kid's don't get it either. :)

  4. Stunning and beautiful pictures!

  5. Such amazing scenery, it's almost impossible to sense the scale of everything. What a place to live!

  6. Oh wow! Your photo skills really help me feel like i'm on that trip with you. Stunning! It makes me miss my younger travelling days x

  7. " To travel is to live ", as Hans Christian Andersen said many, many years ago.

    I have always loved that quote.

    Ann in Vancouver

  8. I love your pictures and quotes. I appreciate your effort to post them for us.

    1. Thank you for your kind words...and I appreciate you taking the time to comment :)

  9. Breathtaking! There is really nothing quite like that here— not really like that at all. We've got open spaces, but they really seem to be missing that -endless- sort of feeling, and they are most certainly not edged by mountains. :)

  10. OMG... your pictures makes me want to get there !!! i would love to be lost in all that beauty!!! thanks for sharing Camilla...did you enjoy the movie???

    1. Yes Erica, Immensely! Thank you for suggesting it.

  11. Wow, Your photos are telling a story. They're so stunning!
    Glad you had a great time even though you were lost here and there.

  12. I'm a homebody and your making me want to travel :) Gorgeous photos and love your play on words!

  13. My goodness.. I love your photos. I want to go to New Mexico NOW! Definitely adding it to my list <3 I'm sure they've got gorgeous pottery there ;) :)


  14. The "Land of Enchantment." It's funny, so close to AZ but it seems different somehow...not necessarily better, just a different quality to it.


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