Isn’t it cool when the days that are supposed to feel good, actually do?
~Jim Carrey
It's been a good week
productive and creative
 I feel very happy- it's wonderful when a door opens

...here, peek inside
 in the shop

 Indian Summer
 a super soft and yummy single ply
Northern Lights
A delightful SW Merino 4 ply
(inspired by Agnes)
deep rich jewel tones
SW Merino finger yarn
 a beautiful weekend
Blueberry pancakes for breakfast and John Denver tunes
skiing with chef on Big Mountain
and the rest of the clan
 neck and shoulder feels better
life is truly good

... This ....
beautiful & stunning
touches me in so many ways
Wishing you a lovely week ahead


  1. My goodness you have outdone yourself with those yarns...absolutely stunning!

  2. I have to agree with Kim, the yarns are really stunning Camilla, I have been over at your shop for a while now trying to decide what to order and need to do a little research first, while I now understand the different weights of yarn I don't have a clue about ply and you have a few different ones.
    I'm so glad you had a great week and you are back on your mountain!

  3. Hey Camilla!

    How's your whip lash? Love these new yarns, great colors!

  4. Oh my god!! That yarn it's absolutely stunning!!

    Have a nice week!

    Lluisa xoxo

  5. Oh wow, that is beautiful yarn. Absolutely stunning :)

  6. Yes..cool. Totally cool. Sitting here in the dark, snow falling, coffee on my desk, listening to this beautiful video (so much like Foghorn,no?). Your yarn is absolutely stunning my friend.. You are amazing as always..

  7. i love how your ski outfit is as colourful as your yarn !!! Absolutely beautiful

  8. Oh my word, your yarns are such beautiful colours. Thank you for blogging your lovely pictures as they brighten my days!

  9. I'm loving your still life photographs - they're just beautiful. And the colours of your yarns are amazing-it has definitely been a good week! x

  10. Camilla, your yarns are KILLING me with their gorgeousness!!! Love that mitten, too! Girl, you are on a roll! xo p.s. happy to hear your neck and shoulders are giving you some relief :)

  11. Those yarns are stunning! I can imagine how they knit up and I bet the stitch definition is amazing.
    Hope you enjoy your week!

  12. beautiful yarns...so glad you were able to find that extra sparkle.

  13. Love Bon Iver - and that song- and will watch that video.
    LOVE that photo of the ski masks. Saw it on Instagram where I am very much enjoying you!

  14. Cute selfie of you two!!!!! Aventine is to.die.for--AMAZING. I am just loving your yarn/knitting arrangements. You're making me want to post all my finished projects in the same manner. xx


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