~ A day's worth of creativity ~

I  believe it takes 6 cups of shear courage
a pinch of wanderlust
and a heaping tablespoon of curiosity to step out of the box.
Drizzle in a few questions and a splatter of attitude
with a teaspoon or two of wonder.
Using a ladle to dip up up a few emotions,
then frost with a smile and a dash of love
and don't forget to fold in patience with a sprinkle of doubt.
 Stir in a few dreams that taste delicious and then sift in some magic sprinkles and mix it all together
 Pour in some positive thoughts and a handful of trust,
Wisk together a tablespoon of breathing-
crack open the window for half an hour or so too let the cold winter air in
twirl around barefoot on your kitchen floor
This is how you create a years worth supply of imagination
...and a days worth of creativity.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh my, YES!!! Just beautiful.

    Happy weekend.

  2. the recipe to a very happy life filled with wonder and creativity :)

  3. So beautiful, both words and your photo! Happy New Year! xx

  4. I have a cup of what your having ;) xxxxxxxxxxxx


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