One fine day

If I said it almost felt like June in January- would you believe me?
Well that's what I told myself...
the sun came out
I think I even heard birds
White Pine Sweater in the works
Mixing 2 of my hand dyeds- a heathered look
I have a thing for greens and lilac, it reminds me of summer
the pattern calls for worsted but with these 2 strands it 's almost bulky- we shall see, once I block it.
I'm sure it will be a great barn sweater
Belly up to the bar
Hot Cocoa and whipped cream is being served by the gallon
Even though another winter storm is rolling in I'll take these beautiful bursts of sun light
a slight pause from life in a snow globe
" Wolfie" - Wolfgang
 our new addition to our family
  cross between wolf, bear and Tasmanian devil
 3 months old
 Sheltie/Chow mix
and yes, he definitely has my heart and my husband wrapped around his paw.
The kids love him
Lily is excited to have a new playmate
Mimi hates him
Such a great personality, loyal and sweet
it's like having a baby again, always watching what he's chewing on, potty training
  the nightly
very late night walks
or early morning-
depends how you look at it.
He's a snow dog and plays outside for hours
 helps with feeding the horses
 helps snow shoveling
here with a "snow berry" necklace
 Yes, it was truly a fine day
even folks at the market were in a good mood
sunshine is really a valued commodity these days
Though June is mostly like January cold and snowy-
it felt sure with a little seasonally trickery from Mother nature
The end! 
Wishing you all a fine day!


 the last post- it wasn't hard to write
but it was hard to "publish"
- it makes writing from the heart a little harder
when the subject is
loosing my mind living with teens
not always unicorns and butterflies these days.
My dad used to say" this too shall pass"
( which always involved me in some way)
and in all cases
it did
 the sun started to shine
 and we all had
one fine day

 a heart felt thanks for all your words of support and wisdom
thank you for all you who didn't comment
for biting your tongue :)



  1. Oh my goodness what a cute Wolfie is, a heart breaker for sure. Beautiful photos, as always. We had the sun peeking out the last few days and it was wonderful, adds a little spring to my step :)

  2. Lovely photos, and Wolfie!!! I daren't show my son pictures of Wolfdie as he is so wanting a husky dog but we just can't have one.

  3. I can see why Wolfie has your hearts! That face, those eyes. You live in a beautiful part of the world I could never tire of the beautiful photos.

  4. I've been thinking of you since you published your post. Hang in there!! Wolfie is adorable and so fluffy!!

  5. Here I am, catching up again!

    Wolfie ... so handsome, and clearly destined to be a devoted companion through all of the world's, and life's, weathers :)


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